Bathroom + Closet Hardware Selections

After considering a whole lotta options, I've nailed down the hardware selections for the bathroom/closet. The overall aesthetic of the space is a blend of traditional and modern elements, so the hardware is a mix as well.

The wardrobe cabinets will have glass knobs with polished nickel bases. A smaller size of that same style will be used on the vanity and laundry cabinets alongside glass drawer pulls from Restoration Hardware. The door levers and knobs are from the Omnia Traditions collection. Here you can see my picks with the other fixtures in the area...

It's not the right fit for this project, but I love geometric/polygon hardware styles like these and just had to share:
Nest Studio Octagonal Pull

So, the only item left to buy in terms of hardware is the towel bar, which will be mounted between the medicine cabinets above the vanity. I really want a vintage glass one but I'm finding it nearly impossible to find one that is the right length and has a polished nickel finish. I have a few ideas on how I can make it happen though, so I'll keep you posted!


Bathroom + Closet Progress

Thought I'd crawl out from under my rock and share a little progress report on the bathroom/closet remodel that is going on at Chez Knight right now. So much has been accomplished since I last posted (which was almost two months ago...geeeeze) and now we are down to the nitty gritty details. Currently, the painters are texturing and prepping. As you'll see below, the tile guy still has some work to do. I think he and his crew had just grouted the shower area before I took these pics.

Anyhow, here's a glimpse of the project while it's still in a rather raw state...

This pic shows the double entry doors from the bedroom (on the left) and most of the wardrobe cabinetry. The ones on the right are for clothes and the ones in the back left are for shoes and purses.

Now we are coming around the corner of the main wardrobe unit and you can see the three new windows that were added (and Miley, of course, who is never far from the camera). I love all of the light - it's a major improvement from the dungeon that was our old bathroom/closet.

This view is opposite from the last one and shows part of the shower, the vanity area, and the WC. The inset medicine cabinets will be installed soon...I'm excited to see those in action. Actually, I'm ready to see all of the metal fixtures and hardware on the scene.

A better look at the shower zone. In case you are wondering, the little red and blue antennae are the valves for the exposed tub hardware. The tub will go right in front of those.

This spot is freshly grouted - I picked Custom Platinum for the white subway tile and Custom Snow White for all marble tile.

The long naked strip near the bottom will be topped with a piece of marble slab. I added this little ledge to make shaving easier since I had to nix the bench that was in the original plan.

The tile guy wanted to use three 1/2" pencil liners together instead of the one I had slated, due to spacing/cutting reasons. I was skeptical about the idea at first, but I really like the look.

You might've noticed this odd little wood situation in a previous photo...it's hard to explain, but it will be a window ledge and towel storage area. The structure actually covers a mixing valve that was left exposed after I changed the plan and added the square footage from the garage, so we had to get creative. Despite how it looks in this photo, it will turn out well in the end...I hope :)

And finally, here are some shots of the herringbone Carrara floor that I took before it got covered up (and before it was grouted)...

This shot also shows the laundry area. The stacked washer and dryer will go in the slot on the left and the cabinetry will serve as laundry command central with its hampers, folding counter, supply storage, and drawers (where I'm planning to keep socks, underwear, etc. so that it gets folded and put away all in the same space).

So, despite the fact that we are on the downhill, I still have a couple of decisions to make. First, I need to pick paint colors...specifically, colors for the walls, trim, and cabinetry need to be selected. In all likelihood, the trim and the cabinetry will both be a warm white like the existing vanity. But I am hesitant to be that boring, so my husband and I have been throwing around the idea of doing something more dramatic and interesting. Glossy black is definitely on the table...not that black is wild and crazy!

The next thing I need to pick is shower door hardware. I'm planning to use a towel bar on the exterior and I'm thinking that I want a simple knob on the interior. The alternative to the knob is a handle which isn't a bad option, just not sure I want that much going on visually. One of the companies that I'm looking at is Portals and I like the Overture I and Overture II sets in the polished nickel finish. Here are images of the former...

And finally, door hardware for the entry doors and the WC door needs to be picked and purchased. There are a few options I'm loving, including the glass beauty below from Merlin Glass. But I might stay away from glass because it's already being used for the cabinet door knobs. I'll post separately about hardware musings - that is a whole new topic.

Well, that's a fairly comprehensive snapshot of the current status. I'm pretty darned ready to wrap the project up because it's really tough to have it on my plate right now. I've been swamped with work and I need to get my own house off my mind so I can focus on my clients' homes. Hopefully, we will continue without any setbacks and it will be all done in the next couple of weeks. My husband and I are soooo looking forward to moving back into our bedroom and putting the new closet and bathroom to use...we desperately need to regain some order in our lives and wardrobes!