Lacquer Tray Source

One of the random little items that I get tons of questions about is this mint/aqua hexagonal lacquer tray that currently resides in my master bathroom...

I snagged the piece a few years ago at Homegoods and therefore can't provide a current source for where it can be purchased. I've been pointing people to the Jonathan Adler Lacquer Hexagon Trays and Plantation's Lacquer Trays as the closest known matches, but both of those are pretty pricy.  Well, I'm happy to report that C. Wonder is stocking a product that looks similar to mine (aside from the shape) and has a better price tag at $78. Behold the Lacquer White Trim Serving Tray:
The tray also comes in a super cute navy colorway. Plus, C. Wonder is also peddling matching lacquered boxes if you're into a coordinated look...
Besides the Pistachio color shown above, the Lacquer White Trim Box is available in the navy and this awesome coral color, which is called Grapefruit...

So, if you've been hunting for a tray that looks like my one-off HG find, I hope this helps a bit. Happy shopping!

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  1. Those are simply splendid! I love how fresh and clean they are. Great replacement find!