Media Cabinet Unit Solutions

One of the things in my house that irks me is the media cabinet unit in our den. First off, I hate that the TV is left exposed. I'm one of those people that believes in concealing electronics when they're not in use. I'll spare you the nitty gritty details, but basically there is no good way to add doors. After pow-wowing with several carpenters, I've found that any potential solution is annoyingly expensive and doesn't produce the truly desired outcome.

And besides the doors-over-the TV-section issue, there are other problems with the current unit. The door lineup in the center section of the unit is not symmetrical (and I worship at the church of symmetry). Plus, the whole thing was made during the era of tube TVs so it has a super deep cavity in the center, which of course, is no longer necessary with the super thin flat-panel options we have these days.

Here are some shots of imperfect piece...

One day, our unit will get ripped out and replaced. And when that day comes, I'll employ the magic of the sliding bookcase in the new cabinetry plan. The sliding bookcases will conceal the TV - pure genius, right?!? Well, I can't take credit...I spotted the setup in the following Grange Furniture ad:

The genius TV-hiding solution is brought to you in modular form by Grange. They sell some great-looking Modular Units that allow buyers to put together configurations that meet their needs. Besides the sliding bookcases, I'm also obsessed with the library ladder + rail option that Grange offers...

As you'll see below, Grange has caters to many aesthetics and its modular units can work in almost any room thanks to the variety of thoughtful customization options...

I'm a huge fan of the drop-down desk! It provides storage and a workspace that can be neatly concealed...

Such a KILLER wardrobe/closet - the black with contrast trim is perfect...

Grange's modular units sure beat the pants off of most modular cabinet unit options, don't they? I'm obsessed and have it on my list to go investigate further. Apparently Grange is represented at a showroom here in Big D...was news to me! I'll report back with any interesting findings. I'm super curious about the price range and how it compares to custom.


  1. For years I have struggled with accepting the big black box.....and now something so simple it took years before someone came up with the best idea I have seen to date! Thank you so very much for posting this!

    1. You're welcome...glad you appreciate the idea! I'm pretty excited to have it in my playbook now.