Second Shout Out

I'm probably late to the game on this, but I just found my way to Second Shout Out and I'm pretty intrigued. Have you heard of it? If not, the site has a broad spectrum of vintage items ranging from furniture to cars. Their inventory is not huge like my favorite-site-in-the-world, 1stDibs, but it's kind of nice that you can click through and see all that they've got in one sitting.

But the most exciting difference between Second Shout Out and 1stDibs is that SSO offers "custom and private shopping tours." I guess this arm of the business is called the Antiques Diva & Co. and it offers guided antique shopping adventures in France, England, Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, and Germany.

Excursions are planned according to clients' shopping list, style and budget. You can do just one day at the flea market or a full-blown buying fest spanning multiple countries over multiple weeks. The latter is basically my idea of heaven! The Antiques Diva & Co.'s bread and butter is helping US and Australian antique dealers and designers with sourcing, but they don't discriminate if you aren't a professional shopper. All clients get access to trade-only sources and benefit from their guide's negotiating skills, price prowess, and familiarity with the local language and currency. There are tons of other perks too...the most appealing to me being that they handle customs paperwork and shipping. Sounds like fun, right??

So I assume that some of the buyables on the Second Shout Out site are from the European sources that guides take their clients to. Or maybe some are antiques dealers in the US/Australia that have been escorted on Antiques Diva & Co. trips? Both are guesses, but regardless of whose inventory it is, here is a sampling of what you'll find...

Also, there is an Architectural Elements section which has some pretty amazing reclaimed flooring and tile...
Antique Oak French Parquet Versailles

French Reclaimed Hexagonal Terracotta Tiles

Interesting site, isn't it? Have any of you shopped it? I think they have some good stuff (especially the selection of trunks) and that most of the prices are very reasonable. 

Has anyone taken one of these escorted shopping tours? It seems like it would be really efficient and a great way to gain new sources and learn about the whole process of getting things shipped back to the US. It's officially on my bucket list!

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  1. I LOVE 1st dibs too but this looks so interesting! Thanks so much for sharing the source!
    xo Karolyn