More done to-dos

I'm back from our trip to France! Sorry for the unannounced absence and total lack of blogging. I had planned to schedule posts in advance and things got too crazy before getting out of town to make that happen. I thought about taking my laptop and trying to blog from there but I took the digitally disconnected route instead and left that and my phone in Big D. Anyhow, we had such a great time, but I'm happy to be back in the USA :) A billion photos were taken, so once I sort through those I'll do a few posts on the trip. Until then...here is a post I drafted for last week:

Changing the overhead lighting in pretty much every room of the house has been loitering on my to-do list since we moved in. Little by little, I'm getting it done and happily, the end is in sight. The guest bedrooms all had dim, bland flushmounts, so each room needed a lighting facelift. I'm happy to report that now I've got two down and only one to go!

When something doesn't work in one room, it's often worth trying it in another. Let's face it - money doesn't grow on trees so sometimes you have to channel your inner Tim Gunn and just make it work. I like to apply this concept to chandeliers. The white chandelier currently in the breakfast room came from the dining room. So, the black chandelier that was originally in the breakfast room got moved to the back guest bedroom...as you can see in the photo above. I'm feeling good about it in here. The rug, on the other hand, is a perfect example of when the "make it work" mantra just fizzles. It was great in our old house but just doesn't fit anywhere in the new one. It might end up on Ebay pretty soon.

Another item off of the to-do list is a roman shade project. Since a grayish brown finish was ideal, I ordered these natural bamboo shades and decided to stain them myself so I could get the color right. Plus, custom shades are pricey (these were only about $20 a piece) and I don't want to invest in those at this point in case we decide to upgrade our windows.

Now that I've found that my experiment worked pretty well, a few other windows around the house will probably be getting these too!

Finally, I found a new home for the displaced artwork...homeless due to the musical artwork game referenced in the last post.


  1. Where did you find those neat desks for your office? I am looking for an office desk!

  2. Hello!
    I just wanted to say that I absolutely LOVE the decor in your house! I found your blog about two months ago, now I'm hooked! Your style is my style too. Also, I have the entire Williams-Sonoma canister set that you have. Anyway, keep posting personal house pics, you inspire me!

  3. Hi, glad you had a nice trip! It was hard being without one of my favorite decorating blogs for all that time! :)
    I love those desks in the office, and the way you have it set up....clever!

  4. Hi, I am a total follower of your blog. I love your home. SUPER CLASSY. I am loving all the wall colors in your home, too, what colors did you use and from where? I guess the better question is, what are the gray colors in your kitchen and office and the color in your master? I have that exact color scheme on my walls, in my home and can't seem to find the perfect shades. If you could let me know, my husband would love you! (Because he'd be able to stop repainting our front room!)
    Thanks, Ashley

  5. Anon - the desks are from IKEA so they were super cheap! The tops are stainless steel so I had a piece of glass cut for each one to protect the surface.

  6. Ashley - tomorrow's post is all about my paint colors! Stay tuned :)

  7. Hi, I was wondering if you did anything with the oriental rug in the bedroom? I too have an oriental rug (taken out of dining room...smile!) that I am not sure what to do with. Did you get a new rug in there? thanks.