Zara Home, please come to the US!

As previously mentioned, Zara Home was a favorite shop of mine while in France. I'd say the general style is like Anthropologie meets Z Gallerie, with a dash of Crate & Barrel. I went in one in Rouen and one in Paris. Both had great visual merchandising and an awesome selection of stylish, well-priced products for the home. Here are some shots of the stores I went in:

Here I am in the same room checking out the price of this silver-plated domed butter dish

Wall of bed linens!

This cute embroidered pillow caught my eye

More bedding in pretty shades of plum

In the Rouen store, where I found my lucite goodies...the Wooster Table and  the Alba Box

I put together a board (and list) of my favorite items from their website. It seems like they don't ship to the US but hopefully that will change!

Paco Cushion (aka pillow)

William Table Mat (I think this is what I'd call a trivet)

Finally, on the ZH site they have "showrooms." Here's my favorite of the bunch...


  1. Lucky duck! What a great store to stumble upon. You must have felt like a kid in a candy store. Everything looks absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow I love all this stuff, hopefully they can come to Canada too! ;)

  3. Rachel - you're dead-on with the "kid in a candy store" analogy! Next time I'll be bringing an extra suitcase specifically reserved for home decor purchases :)

  4. Oh my gosh, that is my favorite mood board ever! Gorgeous finds. Thanks for sharing! :)

  5. Ugh, it hurts! They do need to come to the US. When you did your post I followed the link but after I saw they didn't ship I wouldn't let myself browse. Love their aesthetic though! Hopefully one day!!!

  6. Zara Home is amazing! I discovered it last year in Spain and really hope that it comes to the US. Just discovered your blog today - you have fabulous taste, keep it up! Would you mind sharing where you got the grey embroidered dress you're wearing? I love, love, love grey and embroidery!

  7. Nora, my dress is actually from Zara :) I bought it in Paris because it ended up being super hot while we were there and I needed some cooler clothes to run around in!