Mad Men Miami

Despite the fact that it's 110 degrees here in Texas, I've been itching to plan a beach vacation. My husband and I haven't been to a sandy destination for a long time and we're due for a tropical jaunt this fall. I'd really like to go to Hawaii but the long trip makes me reconsider that urge. Short, direct flights are better for our busy schedules, which leads me to Florida. I've been to a few beach towns around the state and none have made it onto my favorites list, so I'm game for trying a new spot.

I have not been to Miami before and honestly, it's never been all that appealing. I have a bad taste in my mouth about the clubbing/drug culture there (maybe I just watch too much Dexter). There are some pretty amazing hotels in the city - like the Delanothe Viceroy, and the Mondrian - which have inspired me to reconsider Miami as a potential vacation spot. While the design aesthetic is impressive in those glitzy hotels and I certainly want to see them all, my husband and I probably wouldn't fit in with their typical clientele. I get the feeling that the scene could get a little exhausting. So, I was thrilled to run across the Raleigh. A hotel that is decidedly different from its aforementioned South Beach neighbors and seems to imbue a cool vintage vibe.

The hotel's tagline is: Relaxed Elegance since 1940. The phrase "relaxed elegance" is music to my ears and the fact that the hotel has been around for decades is a testament to its timeless appeal. Based on their website, I am dying to check it out!

From a design perspective, I think they did a fabulous job of allowing the retro mood to thrive in a modern context.

This pool seems like something Dorothy Draper would design.

I desperately want this umbrella...


Cute cabanas...

Dinner and drinks on this patio sounds like an excellent agenda item.

Retro coffee shop...pretty authentic, eh?

Printed fabrics are used masterfully in this guest room...I LOVE the curtains!

This room could be a set for Mad Men. I can totally picture Don Draper in here.

Speaking of the era of Don Draper...here are some photos of the Raleigh back in the 1950s and 60s.

Vintage postcard showing off the pool's curves

More old photos...

Even their room keys are cool!

I think it looks pretty awesome and hope we make it out there sometime soon. It's kind of a bummer that our anniversary is during hurricane season. I suppose that is one of the advantages of going to Hawaii!

I'm curious to know what your favorite beach hotels are...please share. I need daydreaming fodder :)


  1. That looks pretty amazing! We are heading to Sanibel Island this weekend for a week...very laid back, ride bikes everywhere, no traffic lights kind of place. If you want short flight to bite-yourself-beach....check out St. John. We flew to San Juan, PR for 4 nights (stayed at El Convento, a-maze-ing), then puddle jumped to St. John for 4 nights. Perfect mix of culture, history, beach, romance. Email me if you want any more deets!

  2. I stay at The Raleigh every time I visit Miami. It has the best vibe on South Beach. The food is amazing as well!! The rooms however I kind if would like to improve a bit, but it's still the coolest place on the beach. You will not be disappointed!

  3. im so behind on the mad men trend... sheesh. i need to catch up, it looks so great!!

  4. Lauren, you can download the previous seasons on iTunes and watch them during your flight to London :) It's such a good show!