Home Decorators...cheap or chic?

I just flipped through the latest Home Decorators Collection catalog and I must admit that there were a few pieces that caught my eye. In the past, their merch looked a bit tacky and cheap, but it seems that things at HDC have improved lately...at least in terms of style. On their website they have an overwhelming amount of stuff...from furniture to bathroom vanities to holiday goods. I tried to wade through most of it, but there is probably still more ground to cover. In any case, here are my picks:

Juliette Area Rug - $39 (Really it's a kitchen mat)

Claiborne 3-Light Pendant - $249

Have you ordered anything from there? If so, I'd love to hear about the quality. My expectations for quality are always relative to price, and their items are in that zone where the wood finishes and fabric options might not be good enough to justify the deal. Please speak up if you know from experience!

Also, I know that Overstock and SmartBargains often have the same (or similar) merch for cheaper prices, so be sure to cross-reference those sites before you buy from HDC!


  1. I purchased a bookshelf from them and found it to be total crap (missing pieces needed for assembly, ultimately collapsed under minimal weight). It was priced more than stuff at Target, but of worse quality. And only slightly less than C&B similar products, which were far superior. The customer service response was laughable. I won't go back.

  2. Kate - That's exactly what I was afraid of. For bargain decor, Target is pretty hard to beat...especially since you can return items to the store.

  3. My friend ordered a chest of drawers from them and it arrived in a huge, heavy box, completely unassembled and in a million pieces. So, I guess you get what you pay for (in some cases).

  4. I ordered two Ceyland Tufted Back Dining Chairs in September, and even though it took over a month for delivery from the manufacturer, I was very pleased with my purchase--especially because I got them before they went up in price (I bought two for the price of one).

    They definitely have improved their merchandise and the customer service personnel I have dealt with were very attentive and pleasant. It was my first purchase with them ever, so I wouldn't be too harsh on them. Don't know when the two comment purchases were made, but my experience was optimal.

    I particularly don't care for Target....you get what you paid for moneywise. Another option is Pier 1 or Pier Imports....its merchandise has also improved considerably...

    PS. I do have an eye for well made furniture...My style is champagne taste with beer budget, so I can speak with knowledge...

  5. Anon - thanks so much for posting your feedback. The tufted chairs (similar to your Ceyland chairs) are the perfect look and price for a client of mine so I'm glad to have a stamp of approval before ordering them!

  6. I dont think ive shopped at home decorators before...but i do love that Martha Stewart buffet...:))) You're right, Target is great...my console had arrived damaged then they just sent me another...not many questions asked...:)))))


  7. I just got their latest catalog with Martha Stewart stuff on the cover and was wondering the exact same thing. We've gotten their catalogs for years and I always thought of them as crappy, cheap junk. But with Martha's stamp of approval (or at least licensing), I wonder if they're trying to up their game.

  8. I have ordered in the past, and have been satisfied. Not outstanding, but passable for price. HOWEVER, I have tracked several items lately, and they have increased the prices a
    SUBSTANTIAL amount, in a matter of weeks. I don’t think I will order again.

    For example, I ordered the Hallbrook coffee able and after coupons, paid around $275. It is now listed for $400.

    This chair I was close to buying for several weeks at $199, but was waiting for more reviews to come in. It then jumped to $350.

    And finally…I loved this sign at $299. I felt it was too high, considering the less than positive review. Then the priced was raised to $329??

    Their gimmick is run a sale for “FREE SHIPPING” however ALL prices are then raised by the cost of shipping, and then some. I know b/c I check religiously to see if the items I am scouting go on sale.


  9. i have the aluminum counter stools and i love them!

  10. Dee - that is very interesting to hear about their wacky price fluctuations...that seems super shady. Thanks for sharing the info!

  11. Beautiful tray! I love things like that! The colour are perfect in there too! I am starting to introduce rustic pieces like that. I just love all the history and stories that they may carry! :) Have a wonderful weekend!!

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