Now These Are Facebook Photos I Want to See!

Lucky for us, Jan Showers uploaded some new shots of the 2011 Jan Showers Collection on her Facebook page. I was delighted to see the post in my feed and I clicked right through to check out the goods (by the way, if you haven't "Liked" Jan Showers on FB yet, you should). Not surprisingly, everything is gorgeous. Per the usual, the overall aesthetic is timeless and elegant. Here is a sampling...

Also from the JS Collection, here is the Mercer Bench as seen in Jennifer Lopez's house which was recently featured in Veranda. There is just something weird about J. Lo and Veranda even being in the same sentence!
Photo via Veranda

After browsing Jan's JSC 2011 album on Facebook, I checked out the contents of her other albums and was thrilled to discover lots of great shots from her portfolio. As mentioned before, I just love the spaces she creates.

All photos via Jan Showers

Oh and her lamps...I LOVE her exquisite lamps, especially the colored ones.

I'm considering a canopy treatment similar to this in my master bedroom. The ceilings in our ranch house aren't nearly as dramatic as these, however, so the effect might be lost.
Are you drooling yet? Besides the lamps, I'm dying over the bar cart shown in the first photo. 

Don't forget to "Like" JS on Facebook and be sure to visit her website for more eye candy and for purchasing inquiries.


  1. Hi Kyle,

    I adore Jan! I just posted about her love of Snow Leopard fabric on my blog yesterday! I used to work at The David Sutherland Showroom in West Hollywood where we repped her line. By far, it was my favorite line and she is the nicest lady. I love Elizabeth Showers jewelry line too - the colors remind me of Jan's lamps, especially the aqua blue!

    If you have a minute, please stop by and say hello!



  2. Goodness! These are all amazing photos! I'm in love with all that lucite!

  3. What beautiful spaces! I love that very first lamp!

  4. one of my favorite designers. Amazing spaces.
    Thanks for sharing

  5. GAH that upholstered bench is awesome!! I just love lucite used in unexpected ways. I'm presently obsessed with live edge tables with lucite bases.

    Thanks for the source... it's new to me.

  6. Hi Kyle!

    I am using your guestroom as an inspiration for my upcoming guestroom makeover. Check it out if you like and thank you for the inspiration!



  7. YES i am drooling! I had already noticed the lamps before I got far enough down on the post to see that you had talked about them...she really puts an emphasis on that and it shows in her beautiful choices. I am going to check out her site right now - thanks much for some gorgeous inspiration!

  8. Love the Veranda photo and Jan Showers pictures. So inspiring.


  9. loooove Jan's work. love it!

    that cart is amazing. although, after i hit that up, i would need to walk away. because my heart would really want to start doing some sort of song & dance pushing that gorgeous thing around the room. and then the lamp would inevitably fall and break. downhill from there. :)

  10. -"There is just something weird about J. Lo and Veranda even being in the same sentence!"- I'm still laughing out loud. Adored this post full of eye candies, and of course, the most remarkable quote of the entire week! Xo :)