Thibaut's Wonderful World of Wallpaper and Fabric

I'm pretty smitten with some of the wallpaper and fabric that Thibaut is producing these days. Perhaps it's because they do a such great job of providing enticing product photography. Room scenes like these effectively portray how wallpaper and fabric can transform a room. For many of their patterns you can view a room scene and a super-sized image of the fabric...both of which you can view in full-screen mode and zoom in on. It's way better than the typical flat swatch that so many other companies provide, so kudos to Thibaut! I've culled through most of their coffers and these are some of my favorite looks along with the wallpapers and fabrics that make the magic...

Wallpaper - Ecuador Pink T9251

I also love the Navy and Orange colorways of the Ecuador pattern...
Wallpaper - Ecuador Navy T9249

Wallpaper - Rio Black and White T732

Wallpaper - Royal T758 - Light Taupe
The Citrus T762 colorway is fabulous too...

Besides the ones shown above, I also love Thibaut's Malay Ikat fabric, but I couldn't get the image to open properly.

Do you get excited about wallpaper and fabric? I could look at it all day long!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous in every sense of the word!!

  2. Great wallpaper and fabric! I am also new to your blog...it's amaze~balls. I will be going to blogfest too...see you there!

  3. LOVE the Rio Black & White, especially paired with that gorgeous turquoise lamp!

    Thanks for sharing :)

  4. I love wallpaper patterns like that! I just can't ever seem to justify the price when paint is $25... le sigh.

  5. Rio Black and White & Citrus Colorway are my faves out of your bunch. Wallpaper still scares me. (flashback to helping my mom scrape it off our bathroom walls when I was like...10). Anyways hope your Tuesday went well!

  6. Loving the loom metallic with the jakarta yellow and grey! (Those chairs are fabulous too!)

  7. Gorgeous! I love every image you featured and would love to use one of them in my house!

  8. Kyle your posts are always so beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Ed Sexton

  9. So gorgeous-I love their gray and white wallpapers!

  10. Lovely rooms, love the black and white paper, and the beige, and the orange, beautiful...

  11. YES! i adore that bench and the fabric...wow :)) what a great piece for an entryway.