Embroidered Pillows

Just before I left for Jackson Hole last Wednesday, I picked up a pillow that I had monogrammed at Madison, one of my favorite Dallas shops. I got back in town yesterday and finally had a chance to marvel at how great the pillow looks with its new embellishment.

Madision has an in-house embroidery guru and he is capable of executing some seriously exquisite monogram designs. I love the raised border and the contrasting fill color in the one he did for me...

If you're looking to do something similar, check out the new Sachin + Babi for Ankasa line. They have lots of embellished pillows with a center area that would be a perfect spot for a monogram.

The only downside to the collection is the price tag...not going to lie, it's pretty hefty. I have seen these pillows in person, however, and the quality is outstanding.

If you're looking for a more affordable option, check out Luxury Monograms. They have some fabulous pillows too!


  1. So beautiful! I love anything monogrammed :)


  2. I love the idea of a monogram pillow...my only problem is, i'm a 23 year old single girl, what happens when my name changes? I am hesitant to get anything monogrammed with my present initials.

  3. I LOVE embroidery! These are gorgeous examples.



  4. Gorgeous! I love (almost) anything with a monogram. It looks great with your other pillows, too...