Thibaut's New Jubilee Collection

Thibaut just released images of Jubilee, their new collection of fabrics and wallpapers. It's a pretty lively set and I'm excited to see the full spectrum of colorways. The lineup won't get to showrooms until October so we'll all have to wait patiently until then! Here's a sneak preview though...

I really like this Guadeloupe wallpaper because it's bright and exuberant...and there are little monkeys climbing around all over it :)
Guadeloupe wallpaper

Guadeloupe wallpaper and Tidewater Velvet on tufted stool

Here pillows were created with the Cayman fabric. Apparently the pattern was derived from an antique crewel and translated into wallpaper, printed fabric and embroidered fabric. I have a thing for crewel so I  love the look but I'm hoping that the other colorways will be a bit bolder.
Sonoma wallpaper, Cayman fabric on pillows, Carter Woven fabric on Chatham sofa, Strathmore fabric on draperies
The Carter Woven fabric is a matelasse that was used to cover the sofa here (which is from Thibaut's furniture line). I think the fabric looks fantastic...I love a solid with a slight relief pattern to it. The pillows here were made with Starburst, which as you can see, will be available in a rainbow of colors.
Pillows in Starburst, Chatham sofa covered in Carter Woven

The Ingrid wallpaper shown here would be really cute in the back of a book case or cabinet unit.
Ingrid wallpaper, Cayman fabric on chair, Starburst Woven fabric on pillow

Thai Ikat wallpaper and indoor/outdoor fabric...I guess the ikat craze is here to stay!
Thai Ikat wallpaper and Thai Ikat indoor/outdoor fabric on chairs
I need it see it in person to be sure, but I think this Fiona wallpaper might be a new favorite of mine. It looks metallic gold here but maybe it's camel? I'll have to verify in October!
Fiona wallpaper and Gibraltar Embroidery fabric on draperies.
This Cheetah wallpaper is a throwback from the Thibaut archives and has been updated with metallics (though I can't see that here).
Cheetah wallpaper

What are your thoughts on the collection so far? I like the direction and will make a point to look at the whole thing at the showroom in a few weeks. I'm always ready to see the new collections that fall brings and after a summer full of 100 degree days, I'm really ready for the change of seasons this year!


  1. Is it weird that I like the Carter weave the best? It's a cool pattern, and immensely superior to a flat white.


  2. I agree, that first wallpaper is great, i would keep it in a small room, A's i Think All that color could be really bright... ;)

  3. They always come up with such beautiful combinations! Thanks for sharing the latest...

  4. Love the Cayman fabric...so fresh and pretty!

  5. I like the direction they are going! if you're going to choose wallpaper, might as well make a bold statement! I love the fiona. If it's shimmery, that would shine so beautifully against the light in the room. How exciting! So happy to find your blog. I'm your newest follower. :)

  6. Prettiest thing I've seen in a long time. I love that Guadalupe wallpaper and it's used perfectly in that bathroom. The matelasse sofa is to die for. What a beautiful way to get a pattern in in a tremendously subtle way. And I can't wait to see a wide shot of that cheetah paper. Reminiscent of the Scalamandre zebra, but the pattern is really inspired.

    Thanks for sharing!