So I Bought a Kantha

I had quite a bit of credit at the Foundary that was about to expire so I used it to purchase a kantha. For those unfamiliar with the term, a kantha is a quilted blanket made from vintage Indian saris (the word Kantha is actually the type of stitching, but the American vernacular refers to the whole quilt). I see them everywhere these days...from ABC Home to Pottery Barn!

Truth be told, I've never been the biggest fan of kanthas mainly because they just aren't my style. They put off an exotic, boho effect and I don't go in that direction very often. Also, I've always thought that they looked a bit dirty (at least some do).

Anyhow my opinion has evolved and I now own one and I really like it, but it is getting washed immediately :) Most kanthas are one-of-a-kind so the key for me was finding one with a design and color palette that was to my liking. The one I picked is magenta, tangerine, and navy and the design is really cool. Have a look...

Per the usual, I'm playing with my new toy all over the house...

The colors work great in the guest room...

And the size is perfect for use as a coverlet on the daybed...

As you can see here, the pattern is varied and there are zones that are distinctly different from each other...

If the variation can be managed properly, a kantha could bring lots of quirky personality to an otherwise boring upholstered piece like a bench or a headboard. West Elm has a chair that is covered with kantha-embroidery upholstery and here's a kantha-upholstered settee...

What are your thoughts on kanthas? I still don't love most of them, but there are some with wonderful colors and patterns and it's hard for me to resist a textile with those two things going on!


  1. I also do not go boho or colorful that often but love it on the daybed and the end of your sofa chaise - pulls in the color from the painting!
    -e (modern24seven.blogspot.com)

  2. I actually LOVE it in your family room. Great piece!



  3. Hello,

    On a different note from your post today, I love your rug! I have searched long and hard for the right rug for my living room. Do you mind sharing who makes it and where you got it? Is is gray and cream?


  4. Eh, not a fan. Looks a little wrong for your classy home. Keep it simple, i think.

  5. I have always loved a touch of the unexpected in design. It makes a room more approachable.

    I love silk kanthas, but I am very picky about the colors and design. Looking for just the right one can take time since both sides are different.



  6. I haven't heard of these before - I really like them! Love how it pops off the neutrals in your den and the coverlet looks great too. It is different from your overall style but that element of surprise can be really refreshing!

  7. Love your kantha (and your guest bedroom) so happy to have discovered your blog! I thinkI like it on your sofa best.

  8. I love it in your living room! It adds character whereas it just goes well with the bedroom.

  9. Gorgeous - love it (but then again, my taste leans towards boho). I have never heard of them, but am going to google-oogle and see what I can find. I also think they look fab with your more classic style. I like the juxtaposition of the two.


  10. Would you mind sharing where you got the orange fretwork rug in the guest room? Thanks!

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    Amanda Wilbanks

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