Color Balance in the Guest Room

A while back, my in-laws gave us a rug that I planned to use in the guest room. Lots of major changes needed to happen to accommodate the rug's color scheme and after playing with different options, I decided to nix the rug because I wasn't 100% loving any of the options. If I was working from scratch, I'd use it in a heartbeat because I love the design and think the color palette is fresh and unique. However, like I constantly tell clients, if there is something that you're jumping over hoops to work around, then it might need to be edited out.

The walls are grey (Restoration Hardware's Slate) and the bedding and rug are both neutral so after removing the most colorful accent in the room, it was important to infuse color elsewhere. As a quick fix, I shopped in my own house and assembled a new mix of colorful accessories for the space. The color balance achieved by using turquoise ceramic gourd lamps on the bedside tables, a playful Lulu DK Colorwheel, a colorful mix of books, and some lively hued artwork actually feels pretty good. What do you think?

 I still desperately need to reupholster the wing chair and having an upholstered bed made is also on the to-do list. Finally, I need to get proper draperies. I've been so busy with client projects that the adage, "the cobbler's children have no shoes" definitely applies to me! With those items, I'll be adding some textiles and will probably keep the mix pretty simple because I like the current color-neutral ratio.

This is the Lulu DK Colorwheel pillow. I love it but I'm kind of wishing that the colorway was Vine which is shown below...

Photo shoot spectators...

Using flashes of color along with greys/black/whites is a really easy and fluid decorating plan. It's a foolproof way to get the color balance right in any space. You can constantly change up your colorful accents without spending much time or money so it's great for those who are fearful of commitment. Plus, those accents - art, books, pillows, lamps, and throws - are fun to buy and collect as your taste and style evolves over the years.

Do you employ this strategy in your home at all? Are there specific color combinations that you love or are you like me and pretty much like all color (burgundy/maroon is the only caveat)?


  1. I think it looks lovely!

  2. your bed looks absolutely dreamy Kyle! and your dogs are too cute!

  3. It looks great. Very soothing for prospective guests. I love your style.

  4. The room looks greatl, love the turquoise. That rug is amazing by the way - I hope you can use it somehwere else!

  5. Beautiful job! It's crisp and dark at the same time... Love It!

  6. It looks great! I'm currently working on a gray guestroom and this is nice inspiration. I love all the little details that make up the room. The color tip is really helpful.

  7. I like this much better, very calming and soothing and hotel-like. The rug made me a little jittery to tell you the truth. Love the dogs!


  8. I don't think that adage applies to you at all!

  9. oh man is your audience ADORABLE.

    love the guest room, too!



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  10. great room! i adore the bedskirt...where is it from?

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  12. Hello,
    I loved the room!
    The patterns, textures, objects, pictures ... are beautiful!
    Zé Pedro Rodrigues

  13. Looks nice-such sweet puppies! Forgive me if this is too opinionated but I have to say I find the mirrors and wingback a wee bit distracting. That little striped bench is so amazing-could it go at the foot of the bed or pushed up underneath the painting? Maybe a colored or crisp white garden stool in front of the left nightstand to add interest? I dont mind the curtains at all.. What about a herringbone throw at the foot of the bed?


    I love your blog and check in often-you have fabulous taste! Thank you:)

  14. Love love your blog and decorating style. But this room just lacks your great sense of style. it looks more like a before pic than an after. Sorry!

  15. where did you get those end tables? love them!

  16. This room is absolutely gorgeous! I especially love the rich walls and pops of color throughout the room. I'm featuring it on my blog today! http://www.diynewlyweds.com/2012/02/my-favorite-projects-january-2012.html