Schumacher's New Crop of Indoor-Outdoor Fabrics

Schumacher recently released a new indoor-outoor collection called Côte d’Azur and it's pretty fab. The set is full of textures and colors that don't scream spring/summer (like Trina Turk's) and the more fall-winter-centric style of the collection is refreshing and very versatile. Here are some images of the fabrics at work...

Tortola, as shown above in Oxford Grey, is a favorite of mine. I like that it's graphic pattern is interesting and impactful but still understated and timeless.

I love this umbrella in the Cannes Awning Stripe (also in Oxford Grey) and while I think the Antibes Chevron looks great on the chairs, I'm not too excited about the fabric because I think that pattern is overplayed at the moment.

Navy is so classic for outdoor spaces and most of the Côte d’Azur fabrics are available in a navy colorway.

The group includes some unconventional textures for outdoor fabrics including velvet, chenille, matelasse, and herringbone. But of course, even though all of the product photos are of exterior spaces, remember to keep the collection in mind for interiors as well. I'm excited to touch and feel them...if they're good, they could easily because some of my new favorite fabrics to use on hard-working, dog and kid friendly upholstery.

Besides the Tortola in the Oxford Grey and all of the colorways of the Cannes Awning Stripe, these are my other favorites from the bunch:
Cap Ferrat Weave in Viridian
Menton Chenille in Pool
Tortola in Marine

Are these idyllic outdoor photos torturing some of you? Here in Texas the weather is nice (for the moment), but I know that most people are suffering through cold winter temps right now. So I'm sorry to dangle warmth and sunshine in front of you! Like I said though, don't shrug these fabrics off if you're planning interior upholstery projects. Too bad Schumacher didn't get a shot of a big cozy sofa covered in the plush Monaco Velvet to keep us all from having season envy.

Have a fantastic weekend!


  1. oooooooooooh I love the navy ones!!


  2. Love the grey outdoor fabrics- very refreshing and wonderful!



  3. I love that diamond pattern - nice to see some new takes on graphic patterns that aren't chevron :)

  4. Gorgeous! thanks so much for sharing! my mum is putting a new pool in and would LOVE to see these fabric choices!

  5. totally agree about chevron. the diamond pattern kind of reminds me of a dash and albert rug, which i love!