Design Destination: Hotel 1898 in Barcelona

I've not yet been to Spain and I'm definitely getting an itch to visit there...despite the fact that I speak no Spanish, and that language barrier is a bit intimidating. Nevertheless, the country's art, culture, and exquisite hotels have lured me in. 

One of those hotels is Hotel 1898 in Barcelona, which is a Núñez i Navarro Hotel. The hotel is rich in history...built in 1891, the colonial-style structure was designed by architect Josep Oriol Mestres and later served as headquarters for the Philippines Tobacco Company. Not long ago, Núñez i Navarro restored the building and focused on updating it to modern standards while preserving the historical significance. The result is Hotel 1898 and it looks pretty spectacular from a design standpoint.

Besides the high marks in design, the hotel seems to be teaming with amenities. I honed in on two in particular: free high-speed internet and completely sound-proofed rooms. Not going to lie - I love free internet at hotels, especially in Europe! They also have a pillow menu, and that sounds pretty awesome.  Finally, the Hotel 1898 has a rooftop deck and an indoor pool that are absolutely incredible. Have a look...


Here is the phenomenal indoor pool. According to the site, this area is the building's basement was originally a coal bunker for generating heat, then the armor-plated safe for storing Philippines Tobacco Company money, gold, and documents, and now the space has been outfitted with a pool. Quite a lineage, isn't it?

And here are some interior shots. I adore all of the bold black and white striped textiles. Plus, the light fixtures and hardware used throughout the hotel is awesome...

Masculine-chic guest rooms...

Random, but I'm crazy about these doors...

And these are scenes from their Colonial Suite's private terrace and pool...

And to wrap up, these images showcase some of the building's incredible architectural details...

Looks like a pretty nice place to stay, right? Have any of you stayed here before? Any other Barcelona hotel recommendations?

If you happen to be planning a trip to Barcelona, be sure to take a look the hotel's top 10 list of things to see and experience. Although I've never been and am therefore by no means a Barcelona expert, it seems like a nice, succinct set of things to build an itinerary around.


  1. That hotel is perfection! Thanks for bringing attention to it!

  2. Stayed there, loved it. All the hotels in that group are great.

  3. Such a gorgeous hotel! I am loving the stripes.


  4. Funny I go to Spain every year (going next week!) but have never been to Barcelona.....Now I want to go just to stay at this beautiful hotel. Love the decor.

  5. I LOVE staying at hotels with a history. Just thinking about all the things that have happened there throughout the years is so exciting! Stunning revamp by the way.


  6. INCREDIBLE. Barcelona is an amazing city and this hotel lives up to it!

  7. We stayed at this beautiful hotel a couple of years ago. I was drawn to the history and the location. It was early December so we did not enjoy the outdoor pool but the indoor pool and spa was fabulous--so atmospheric. Service was wonderful at all levels and the room was lovely. We had a very small balcony overlooking the Ramblas, THE street in Barcelona. We saw beautiful sunsets from there and the city in all its majesty. Thanks for bringing back some wonderful memories and highlighting this terrific hotel.


  8. Love that destination, that is definitely on the list for when we visit Spain!! You will love Barcelona, have friends who live just outside of there and they say that is a fabulous hotel!

  9. I’m from Canada and I spent 2 weeks in Barcelona last September - it was fabulous!!! We didn't stay at hotel - we rented an apartment. It's a wonderful city so much to see and do…the food, cafes, shopping (I did a lot of shopping - shoes and clothes- so fabulous) and of course the sites. We walked almost everywhere or took the metro system (using a Barcelona Card)- it is the best I've ever been on in the world. The Catalunya BusTuristic is a must on your first day to get your bearings. Plan a day trip to Sitges if you can…and have some tapas then go for gelato at Vioko in Barceloneta. Vioko has the best gelato I have had outside of Italy.
    The only negative is the pickpocketing - it's crazy. I spotted so many of them in action. The worst was at Park Guell. Make sure you go with a safe purse like a PacSafe and NEVER EVER leave anything unattended, not even for a second.