Zara Home's New Goods...That I Can't Order

Zara Home does not have stores in the US nor do they ship online orders ship to America. This retail embargo irks me because I love me some ZH merchandise. Their product lineup reminds me of Anthropologie, albeit some of it is less crafty/bohemian looking. I've been in a few of their stores in Europe and I desperately wish they would set up shop in my home country...prefereably in Dallas :)

Despite the fact that I can't get their goods without taking an international flight, I still keep up with their latest and I'm loving looks from the Spring Summer '12 catalog. Some of you non-American readers can take action and buy the new loot (cue jealousy), while the rest of us will just have to be inspired by the colors and overall style of the ZH vignettes. Everything is so fresh and vibrant...

The Chinoiserie print is adorable and that bordered blanket at the foot of the bed is also calling my name.

I love this steel cabinet with the brass details, although I don't think they actually sell it!

The white scalloped bedding with orange embroidery is killing me. I want it REALLY bad.

 I really like the colorful goblets shown on the right in this photo....they are so much fun and would be the perfect vessels for sangria!

Of the Zara Home merch, blankets and throws is one of my favorite categories. Here's an example of the chic styles that they sell...
Chunky Blanket

ZH also has some well-priced rugs in their offering. Here is an example, called Samolo. I am normally not a fan of hide rugs because I hate the hairy texture, but I think this one looks cool...

Have you ever shopped at Zara Home? The stores I've been in were beautifully designed and the price point is generally very reasonable. What was your favorite thing from their new catalog? Aside from the buyables, I adore the mint green color they have on the walls. So pretty, isn't it?


  1. That scalloped bedding is GORGEOUS! I thought I heard somewhere that their home line would soon be available in the US? That might be a rumor, but I hope it's true.


  2. I love all these products! I hope they do sell online soon! I hate when places don't ship to the US!


  3. I wish I could order these products! I love Zara :)


  4. I'll be in Europe summer and I'm looking forward to checking it out. My only question is, how am I going to fit all of this amazing stuff back in my suitcase to bring home with me?

  5. Wonderful! I love Zara Home. Fabulous posting.