Katherine Rally Batik Fabric

In last week's pillow post I included one style from Katherine Rally. I wanted to circle back to Katherine Rally because that one little pillow is just a sliver of the textile goodness that this company creates. With over 25 fantastic designs in the lineup, KR produces a collection of hand-printed batiks in a myriad of sublime colors.

Besides having a unique product line, Katherine Rally also has a unique backstory. Launched by husband and wife, Katherine and Rally Dupps, were inspired to create their own line of batiks after relocating to Bali. Rally is an architect and Katherine is an interior designer so one could assume that creativity and craftsmanship are very much a part of their world. Thank goodness that this pair found each other! I'm just smitten with their handiwork...

Pretty fabric shot in pretty places...love that. I think the overall aesthetic of the line is really cool. Despite the fact that the fabrics are hand-printed by Balinese artisans, when taken out of the exotic context, the look does not read overly exotic or casual so they can be used in a variety of settings. I need to order some samples to get a sense of the weight of the cotton/linen blend that they use. I'm dying to use Sawah for a headboard or some draperies!

What do you think of Katherine Rally? Aren't the prints and colors fabulous?


  1. I love the colors and patterns. That pair has great taste.

  2. I love batiks. I have made them myself before and respect the art deeply! Thanks for introducing these to me. I'm going to order samples!