Tulu Textiles

Once again, the Co-Lab pin boards have me lusting after a new crop of textiles. This time, the objects of my affection are created by Tulu, a company based in Istanbul that is owned by American expat Elizabeth Hewitt. Tulu is a snazzy looking shop in Tukey and the company also produces beautiful fabrics. Those fabrics are used to make pillows, bedding, table linens, and accessories like scarves and handbags and my oh my, they are all lovely.

I'm so sick of seeing the same old patterns (i.e. chevron, ikat, etc.), so to me, Tulu's prints are a breath of fresh air. Not only are the designs unique, the color palettes are stunning. With rich, vibrant colors at work, these fabrics definitely have the power to perk up a room! Here's a peek into the world of Tulu:


Hand-stitched quilts


Alvin pillows

Doti Sheeting


LOVE this fabric, called Melvin, for upholstery!!

More Melvin - notice the cool border


Orphan Blue

I am dying to get some of these Bixby napkins!

Dupatta Shawls

And now, swatches of my favorite fabrics -



Alma Blue

Alvin Pink

 Bixby Black


 Lola Blue

Madame Farfalla

Mahmut Pink


Whew, I need to get some samples of these bad boys. I've got too many ideas on how and where to use them. Aside from a normal setting, I can totally picture Tulu fabrics in a vacation home or in a kids room.

What do you think of Tulu's offering? Are you loving the prints and colors as much as I am? If so, check out the list of retailers and shop away! Or if you're in Istanbul, pop into the Tulu store...


  1. That Alvin fabric is my favorite - what gorgeous globally inspired designs. Lovely!

  2. Great find! Love the colors, and yes I'm officially "chevroned" out!

  3. I'm headed to Istanbul in August and have officially added this delightful shop to my tourist list. Thanks for sharing the Isadora fabric is beautiful!