New Sofa!

This weekend a vintage sofa that I purchased months ago was delivered after its trip to the plastic surgeon. It will be used in my formal living room and is part of an impending new design plan for the space (it's been a long time coming).  The new sofa will be used in the area where two sofas were before...so I'm selling those on Craigslist right now to make room for the other elements.

I totally love the clean, mid-century style and I'm pretty happy with how the makeover turned out. My only minor complaint is that the down cushions are a tad full, but they will probably settle after some sitting. Here it is...

I don't know the manufacturer or designer for certain, but it looks similar to styles designed by T.H. Robsjohn-Gibbings, who is one of my furniture idols. I stalk his creations on 1stDibs and dream of hoarding them someday. His pieces are usually the perfect blend of classicism and modernity...

Offered by Gustavo Olivieri

Offered by Irwinfeld Design

Offered by Dragonette

Offered by Rumba
Offered by Dual

Oooh I am so obsessed with Robsjohn-Gibbings' stuff and could post 1,000 pics of pieces I'm lusting after, but don't worry. I'll cut myself off here. Back to my sofa. so, I choose a warm white linen with seafoam contrast cording to highlight the lines. I also had the frame stripped and ebonized. Here's what it looked like at Again & Again, where I bought it (pardon the horrible iPhone photo)...

And here's another pic of it in its current state...

I actually loved the ivory lacquer and the yellow upholstery, but neither were in good shape. Plus, like I said before, I wanted to highlight the lines of the sofa, and since the walls in the room are light, I wanted the contrast a dark frame would create. So, now I'm picking coordinating fabric for other pieces in the room. I had my heart set on Galbraith & Paul's Tulip in Mineral (on the far right) and their Fern in Cadet Blue, however, their lead time right now is like 12-16 weeks and I can't stand to wait that long! This room has been unfinished for years and I'm itching to get it done.

So, I'm now on the hunt for two other fun prints...preferably one that's multi-colored and hand-printed. I'm thinking about using a Katherine Rally design like one of these...

Upholstery done by Chairloom

I'll keep you posted!


  1. LOVE the way it turned out. I'm a fellow Dallasite and am completely renovating a home on the M Streets. Your blog has been such wonderful inspiration for me over the past several months. I bought a couple couches from resale over the weekend and need to have them reupholstered. Do you have someone local?


    1. Hey Sarah, sorry I'm just now getting back to you! I'm horrible at keeping up with comments :/ Anyhow, I use a few different upholsterers. Check out Again & Again, they have an in-house upholsterer and offer fabric and finish samples. Def more customer service than most of the guys I use!

  2. Love the new sofa!! I too love my mid century style sofa-- you did a post on chaises a few years ago and that's where I discovered the Hutton sofa from Room and Board. I'm soo excited to see your living room transformation as your house inspired me when I started decorating my new home two years ago! :)

  3. Oh girl, that turned out great! I'm sure the rest of the room will look fantastic. Looking forward to seeing it complete.

  4. Love the couch and the piping you chose. Beautiful and delicate contrast

  5. Gahhh it's gorgeous. Love the piping. I need to get started with my sofa makeover..like NOW! The second set of chairs are beautiful. I'd never heard of this designer but I'll have to remember him. xoxo

  6. Your sofa look so lux, I just love it. I'm excited to see the room come together!!