JLG Showhouse Detour at High Point

I made a last minute excursion to High Point and on my way to market from the airport, I stopped by the Junior League of Greensboro Showhouse. A talented set of designers breathed new life into the historic Adamsleigh Estate, including a few of my personal design heros like Miles Redd, Eric Cohler, and Suzanne Kasler. It was a pleasure to walk through and study their handiwork and see the beautiful old manse. As with most showhomes, there were rooms I loved and others that I didn't care for...these were my favorite spaces:

This is the Suzanne Kasler-designed Den, it was a perfect blend of traditional and modern styles...

And I'm 99% sure this is Eric Cohler's Sun Porch...

 This room also had a ceiling adorned with stripes

There were parts of Miles Redd's Living Room that I liked, but to be totally honest, I was really distracted and confused by the use of the not-so-luxe Dwell Studio bird fabric, especially in the same room as De Gournay wallcovering?!? The rug was a stunner though!

Another favorite was by Kara Cox and the room is one of the Daughters' Bedrooms. It's light and fresh and had a lovely, feminine color palette.

I'll take the pink sheets (I think they're Matouk) and the Michael Clement hand-painted lamps!

Besides the gorgeous Tommy Mitchell gilded flowers, this pic shows the AMAZING sculpted plaster walls...

Such a chic little vanity, isn't it?

Perhaps my number one pick of the house was this bedroom, designed by Megan Winters for Thomas & Gray. The room was defined by a bold black, white, and gold mix. I'm always drawn to black and white stripes, so the first elements I fell for were the draperies and the bed canopy...

Oh, and the striped ceiling was the jam...

This was the men's dressing area and it was designed by Traci Zeller and Lisa Mende...I LOVE the socks wallpaper, the brass sunburst light fixture, and the studded shelving.

 This shot shows part of another Daughter's Room (I think), which was put together by Jack Fhillips. Lots of animal influence in here!

Here is the lady's bedroom and dressing room, which was designed by Robert Brown. Clarence House's legendary "The Vase" fabric and wallpaper was the star in here...

And finally, they called this the Maid's Room and it was pretty swanky with Quadrille fabric, Oomph tables, and lacquered walls.

And that's it...at least, those are my favorite spaces. Tell me what you think of the showhouse! I'll post more photos on Pinterest too in case you want to peek in other rooms. So far, do you have any top rooms picked out?


  1. hm i totally agree with you about Miles Redd's room, a little odd he did that-and not in a good way.
    Love the rest! My favourite being Robert Brown's and Suzanne Kasler's

    Rai Atelier the blog
    Rai Atelier the shop

  2. Thanks for the sneak peek, there is so much to love !

  3. Thanks for the shout out Kyle! I wish I had been there to meet you! The custom wallpaper in our main room was from the orignal architectural drawings from the house from 1929! The room was an ode to Hamp Adams the original owner of the house. He came to the area to work for Mullis Hosiery company and his first job was to produce 200 black socks a day. The house is called "the Mansion that socks built", hence the socks in the closet! Our pendant in the room is a 1930's art deco pendant by CJ Weinstein valued at $45,000. Traci and I had fun doing the room. Happy you went on the tour!

    1. Lisa, thanks for the background info! I heard a little about the hoisery business while I was there. That sock paper was genius! Who did you use to make it? And is the $45k pendant the one in the bedroom...or the closet?!?

  4. What great rooms, I really love that Chinoise erie one and the bedroom with the golden canopy is fantastic too, great inspiration!

  5. Kylie - Are you ever going to unveil your master bath/closet renovation? Is the project done yet? I'm sure I speak for all your loyal readers when I say I can't wait to see it!

    1. Megan - Yes, I hope to reveal it soon! It's being considered for publication in a magazine so I haven't been able to release anything yet :(

  6. Hey Kyle, just seeing this. We used Sarah and Ruby Designs from California to make our paper. They are great to work with. I highly recommend them! The pendant was in the main room. The ones we had int he closet were borrowed from the hallway and original to the house. BTW the stripes on the ceiling in the room you loved by Megan Winters were actually wallpaper that was cut and applied to the ceiling, isn't that amazing? Great room I might add. I saw on Pinterest where you were wondering about the carpet in Kara's room. if you email her she will tell you the pattern if you didn't figure it out. She is incredibly nice and helpful! Here is a link to the Trad Homes Pinterest Board, our photo is second from left and you can see the pendant. http://pinterest.com/traditionalhome/adamsleigh-showhouse/