If only I...

a) win the lottery
b) deal drugs
or c) sell my organs or offspring...maybe then I'll be able to remodel my kitchen and incorporate some ideas from the pics below.

Since we were in town for the weekend and for once had no obligations, I did some cooking and began to identify a few shortfalls of my kitchen. There are countless things that I love about it, but the functionality is lacking (and frankly, so is the form in some respects). It won't be anytime soon, but at some point I'd love to refresh.

All images are from my kitchen inspiration photo file, and unfortunately I wasn't diligent in collecting the sources. My apologies!

Soapstone counters paired with a gorgeous grey mini subway tile

Designed by Brooke Gianetti
Note the rounded corner shelves on the cabinets near the window...also, such great barstools. Same kitchen below...
Designed by Brooke Gianetti
Second shot of the kitchen. I would kill for a) the high ceilings + library ladder b) vent hood c) double islands. This is probably my favorite!

Designed by Tim Clarke

Designed by Tim Clarke

Designed by Windsor Smith

So sorry that the pics aren't credited, post a comment if you know the info. I obviously admire the work and would love to give kudos where it's due!

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