Back in Big D

Just got back from Aspen...we went up there last week for my brother's wedding.Nuptials site...the famous Maroon Bells. It was gorgeous! Not sure what was so funny during picture time above...apparently I missed out :)
We hit our usual haunts and since there was a celebration of matrimony, the trip included lots of family time, which naturally led to plenty of eating, drinking, and shopping.

One of my new favorite shops is the J. Crew "At-the-Mountain" concept store. An outstanding interior made shopping there seem like a whole new experience even though J. Crew is about as familiar to me as Walgreens. Raw concrete floors were paired with bleached oak covered walls. The displays were perfection. The store truly showed how important it is to create a unique "buying theater." My only issue was that the design involved ample usage of furry/hairy/dirty rugs - my texture nemesis. To my horror, they were even nestled in the dressing rooms! Even so, I managed to avoid touching them and came out with some much needed loot. It was so nice to have cool weather to catalyze my excitement for their sweaters! In Texas, it's easy to brush them off as something not worth considering until October or November. Check out their special edition heidiskis...
Example of a display...I am in love with the oversized tufted bench, of course. Note the devilish hairy rug beneath...it's making me uncomfortable just looking at it.

They also had the luggage below that I lust over...
Before leaving my favorite mountain town, I stopped into Paris Underground and fell in love with a few things including the items below. The photos don't really do any of the pieces justice...especially the lampshades. They are all custom made in Paris and are nothing short of exquisite. Oooh la la...

Hopefully at least one of the above will grace the Knight residence with its presence!

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