Genie in a Bottle

If I could have my most superficial wishes granted, the list would include:
1) J. Crew to debut a Home line that featured furniture, home accessories, fabrics, rugs, lighting, outdoor, and paint (by Farrow and Ball). I can't even imagine how ridiculously awesome their color palettes and prints would be. I would expect lots of fun lacquer pieces mixed in with more traditional fare. I could see some of the catalog pages looking like this...

2) Dunkin Donuts to have a self-serve half and half/splenda area. I hate Starbucks coffee but love the fact that I can add my own cream and sugar. I need the best of both worlds to combine.
3) Taco Bell to serve breakfast...seriously, if they came out with breakfast tacos, it would top my chart.
4) A combination of a dry cleaner, a car wash, and a nail salon. These are errands I would seriously like to combine. Maybe one day I'll start one ;)

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