Covered Patio

I've always loved covered patios and now I have one! I ordered this sectional from CB2 and the pillows are from Williams-Sonoma Home. There is a lighted fan, which is ugly but useful and we'll hopefully get a replacement over time. My next move out here is to add outdoor curtains and Clay's going to install a TV. Luckily the previous owners had a TV mount and cable lines installed, so the hard part is already done for us. Also, they left their dart board for us which Clay and his friends have already enjoyed. It will likely to be moving to Clay's Man Area...aka the garage :)The BEFORE pic...and yes, it took me over an hour to take the ridiculous coaster collection off of the walls. Each one was laminated and velcro taped so I literally had to scrape every one off and will now have to repaint the darned area. I'm pretty sure that these didn't count as a permanent fixture with the house!

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  1. I can't wait to the place..it looks amazing. I'm glad someone shares the same amount of passion for spending money and unleashing their creative side as I do...mine just happens to not be in the home decorating department. You have such a good eye!