Slowly but surely things are coming together...we've done LOTS of cleaning and painting, had some deliveries, put some things together, and made many runs to Home Depot and Lowe's. On Monday we got internet which has been a Godsend...I feel much less discombobulated now.

We are still working on the paint color in the den...as you can see Sherwin Williams' "Alpaca" turns lavender under the glow of the lovely can lights.
A few new items here and some old...the striped bench will probably end up in our bedroom. I adore the fireplace screen - Ebay find :)
I'm super excited about my new Suzani rug. Thanks for going to get it with me Shirley!
Out with the old red paint in with the new "Fashion Gray" by Behr. I used their new paint + primer and was amazed at the results....only took one coat and I only used half a gallon on the whole room. I also painted the chandelier which took FOREVER and I still need to do touch-up work on it. High gloss paint is pretty annoying to work with. I picked up the white lamps today - they look great on the fossilized wood console, but that won't be staying in the dining room for long.
Thanks Mom and Dad for the rug...it is absolutely perfect! Clay's parents indirectly passed the lamps onto us (they were first handed down to Sayler and Greg and then we pilfered them from their storage unit and I took the liberty of changing the color palette). Need to get some shades for those. Finally, the curtains were left by the previous owners and will come down soon and be replaced by ceiling to floor ivory silk drapes.
We had wood floor put into our bedroom since I like carpet about as much as I like socialism. They are coming to sand and stain them next week. We are also have them rip up the carpet in two of the other bedrooms and refinish the floors underneath.Clay was busy all weekend power-washing the patio...it looks much better. It's amazing how much grime builds up over time.

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