Let's Party

Not right now, but soon. I swear I still have a headache from NYE champagne! Anyhow, I stumbled across this party supply site that will serve as a great resource for future shindigs. Save on Crafts - they have ALL KINDS of stuff. For instance...

I have a thing for julep cups, whether they are holding booze or flowers, they are perfect!

Pedestal Bowl for centerpieces

A Champagne bucket for $22?!?
Only thing that could make it better...have an engraver put a monogram on it.

 I'll be getting these for 2010's Christmas tree

This giant Lotus leaf

To put in this giant vase-like receptacle

After coveting the WS Home mirrored placemats, I'm thinking of getting these instead since they are less than $6 a piece! 14" Beveled Edge Mirror

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