A Hip Antique Mall

Stopped into a great antique source in Dallas called Lula B's. They have two stores, and according to their website, both "are a treasure trove of all things fine and funky, kitschy and collectible, vintage and pimpadelic." I couldn't agree more.

Lula B's is one of the few places in town that isn't way overpriced - which is so refreshing. They also have a wide selection, seemingly geared towards a younger crowd (thus the aforementioned "pimpadelic" adjective). Better yet, it's located in a spacious and airy building, so unlike other antique malls, claustrophobia doesn't cripple me!

My imagination goes into overdrive when browsing vintage goods. I try to only consider a few worthy items, otherwise it can get overwhelming. You've got to really love the potential purchase and it has to be well-priced if it requires any work. DIY makeovers usually aren't worth the blood, sweat, and tears if the overall cost is high. With that in mind, here are some of my favorites along with uber imaginative commentary ;)

Love this quatrefoil screen...with a few changes, this could become a great headboard. In the right space, that giant lamp in the foreground might be a big hit too.

I'd paint the wood on this one - probably glossy black.

Not a fan of the velvet, but I love the shape of this chair and how it's highlighted by the trim.

I could see this cocktail table in a manly study next to leather chesterfield sofa.

Unique chandelier...change the bulbs and maybe get out the spray paint. It would make a cool entry fixture.

I'm in love with this sunburst clock - fabulous as is, but you could also remove the hands and put a convex mirror on there.

Imagine this in black linen with white trim and buttons...would be very Dorothy Draper.

With some spray paint, these oversized lamps would be fabulous.


  1. I LOVE that blue chair! What interesting lines! And those lamps are fantastic too!

  2. omg, i love everything! i love that table (so fab with the marble), i actually like the chair in the brown velvet, so that would come home with me too. that chandelier is a must have--great stuff!