Rug on the way...from Peru

I'm finally putting an order in for a custom Jonthan Adler rug for our den! The lovely Beth with Nest Interior Design has been so helpful with all of the nitty gritty details. I can't thank her enough for hosting the Furnish and Feed event that allowed me to score a discount on this hot item.

After an absurd amount of deliberation and playing around on JA's "Design Your Own" site, here's the pattern/colorway I'm going for (you can reverse these rugs, thus the two samples):
The first is Light Gray + Medium Gray and the second is Medium Gray + Natural. I figured that this room needed something relatively dark to contrast with the light upholstery...I also want something with a pattern, but not so loud/busy that it gets distracting.

So ready to move this sisal one to a different room...probably going to the guest bedroom since it will work nicely with the color palette in there.

It will be 11x13' so the chairs will no longer have to cling on to the edges of the too-small rug that's been in there thus far...
Apparently it takes foooorever to get a JA custom rug...I've been warned to be super patient. Apparently each rug is hand-loomed by Peruvian artisans. If I can wait 5 months for RH dining chairs, I suppose I can handle a long lead time on this too.

Let the waiting game begin :)


  1. I absolutely LOVE your blog and am in love with your house! Thanks so much for sharing your great decorating ideas and fabulous finds! I've been meaning to try your faux margarita recipe...yum!

    So I'm wondering...what color of paint do you have in your dining room? And where did you find the prints in your dining room (each side of the mirror)?


  2. I hope it's OK, but I took a couple pictures of your amazing house and posted them on my blog. I knew my friends would love your style and so I wanted to share it with them. Keep it up! I need more ideas! I'm about to start on my family room and I'm feeling nervous that I'll spend a lot of money and not be happy with the result. I'm crossing my fingers and waiting for more inspiration!

  3. Bambina Babe - the dining room paint is called Fashion Gray. It's from Home Depot and is in a matte finish, in the Paint + Primer formula. The prints in the room are from a "book" called the Temple of Flora by Taschen http://www.taschen.com/pages/en/catalogue/classics/all/00347/facts.thornton_temple_of_flora.htm. There are 33 prints in the set and I think I ended up framing 24 of them and used them all throughout the house.

  4. Melanie - I'd love for my pics to be featured on your blog! That's such a compliment and I really appreciate it :)

  5. I just discovered your blog. Your home is beautiful and quite inspiring. I've been looking for a coffee table similar to yours. Would you mind sharing the name of the manufacturer/store?

  6. Candy...the coffee table came from the Wisteria Outlet. Viva Terra has a similar style, the finished are different though http://www.vivaterra.com/pls/enetrixp/!stmenu_template.main?complex_id_in=482007.1062178.3670258.2006280.page

  7. I'm on the hunt for a new coffee table for my family room. I really love the look of yours! I've been looking online at places like pottery barn and resoration hardware and I'm not having much luck. It's either not what I want or it's too expensive. Just wondering if you have any thoughts on other places I could look for one.