Watering hole

Our bar has been on the receiving end of some nice little accessories over the past few months.

I figure that you must provide the booze with luxe accommodations in order to ensure good drinking karma ;)

The zebrawood cigar lighter was a Christmas gift for my husband and the middle decanter was a Christmas gift to me from him (purchased from Madison, of course). We really know how to celebrate JC's birthday appropriately, huh?

This lacquer tray was a gift to myself. It's from Williams Sonoma Home and I've been stalking it for a long time now. It finally went on sale, so I snatched it up.


  1. Absolutely love that Lacquer Tray...so glad you decided to treat yourself...its gorgeous :) x

  2. Love the tray! And the blue behind the white pitchers is just stunning! :)

  3. Love that tray. The effect of the white against the deep blue in the first photo is great, too.

  4. Such a great idea! The blue is so new - really looks good! Cheers!