Orange Power

I'm definitely coming in first for the Super Flaky Blogger of the Week award...sorry about that! Been a busy bee and have thus neglected my digital life. My goal is to get a paint post wrapped up this weekend - I'll be listing wall color formulas, room by room throughout our house, so stay tuned.

Anyhow, today I bring you pics of orange goodies that have been recently welcomed into the Knight house. I'm so happy it's spring and bright colors are out and about!

Gorgeous orange roses...$9.99 per dozen from the grocery store. They were made for this room!

Jack & Lulu Stripey Straws and IOMOI pencils in my favorite hue...thanks to my sweet cousin for these gifties! I will now be drinking and writing grocery lists in style :)

 Also from IOMOI and a gift from a cousin, here's my new cute Greek key monogrammed coaster.  It's obviously not orange, but since it sits on an orange stool, it qualifies for the post!

She also gave me this darling orange ikat bowl full of candy...it's a little less full now than when she gave it to me :) 


  1. Your cousins seem so thoughtful! You're very lucky.

  2. Well Mary Lee, my cousins used to beat me up and steal my piggy bank money so they are just trying to reverse karma ;)

  3. I've been loving orange as well! I have an orange west elm pillow in my guest room that, just today, I considered moving to the living room so I can enjoy it more often!

    P.S. Love the coasters ~ do you have a link to the site?

  4. LLN - here's the coaster link http://iomoi.stores.yahoo.net/coasters1.html - I love mine!

  5. Love all that orange! It is the best color (in my opinion haha)

  6. Wow love everything...where is that Ikat bowl from?

  7. The ikat bowl is from Anthropolgie.