Swanky Penthouse

Thought I would share some photos of a penthouse at the W here in Dallas. These were published in D Home and Jan Showers is the mastermind behind the interior design. I love the fresh color palette she used in the space and I also think she mixed traditional and modern such a clever way. Her work is always so timeless and elegant...

The piano and the antique mirror add some much needed warmth to the room. The piano is absolutely beautiful!

I love those dining chairs...striped fabric on the backs is so charming and fun.

Pretty bedroom, although I hope whoever sleeps here likes to wake up at the crack of dawn with those windows! The bench with the lucite legs is one of my favorite pieces.

Another awesome bedroom....it's quite the foil to the one above with those black walls.
All photography above by Manny Rodriguez 

Her book, Glamorous Rooms, is among my favorites and thus resides on my coffee table!


  1. Love the color in the first room, and that coffee table!!!

  2. Oh my goodness...talk about eye candy! Love it...the black and white rug in the first image is stunning! :) x

  3. oooh, I love the black walls on the last shot!

  4. Jan Showers daughter, Elizabeth Showers, is opening her Dallas jewelry showroom for Mother's Day: April 28th through the 30th, as well as May 3rd and 4th from 10am-5pm daily.

    3131 Turtle Creek, Ste. 1118

    I wanted to email you about it but couldn't find your contact information. Love your blog!

    Luella & June

  5. Can you imagine waking up to that view everyday...ah sigh...love your blog!

  6. I wouldn't mind waking up at the crack of dawn if I lived in a place like that...

  7. Ooooh gorgeous! Love that bedroom, though I agree ~ you'd have to be a pretty earlier riser to not be woken up by the sun in your eyes!