Hittin' up Williams-Sonoma Home

I feel so lucky to have a Williams-Sonoma Home relatively close by. It's one of my favorite stores because they have beautiful, high-quality furniture and home decor and everything is displayed in inspiring vignettes. They have fabulous accessories and always carry lots of items in the store that aren't sold online, which means that every visit is a little adventure. So, after getting an email announcing their summer sale, I've been dying to scout out the discounted items. My mom was in town and had never been there, so we made the pilgrimage yesterday. I can happily report that a few awesome pieces came home with me...two out of three were on sale (plus an additional 20% off) so it was certainly worth the trip.

I adore my new ginger jar! The floral detail is the prettiest dark gray which is an unusual color for Chinoiserie goodies.

Hydrangeas from our yard :)

I've been needing a tissue box cover in the kitchen for a while now so I'm thrilled to have this gorgeous one in there now. Orange and Greek key...definitely a win!

 New embroidered pillow on the right...that big blank space in the middle is just begging for a monogram. I wish Leontine Linens was located in Dallas so I could more easily let them work their magic on it.

I'm playing musical chairs with the Nate Berkus throw now that the pillow above has been thrown into the mix. The blanket couldn't stay on the linen settee along with the pillow since the combo would make for too much zig zag. So, I tried it over the back of the sofa and on the scroll-arm chair. Can't decide which looks better. Let me know what you think!


  1. Gosh! That is really tough. I had to look at the sofa again because at first glance the throw looked like it was part of the sofa. So I thought that was my answer but then looking at the chair again, it looks perfectly styled as if in a magazine.

    I'm going to go with the sofa because I think if it wasn't there, it would be missing "something". I love your style!

  2. I think I like it on the chair- it brings some of the fun pattern to that area of the room. But, either way you have it I'm sure looks great in there!

    LOVE that orange pillow BTW!!

  3. I vote for the sofa. It looks fabulous in both spots but it really looks like it belongs on the sofa. Love all of your home decor! You are an inspiration.

  4. i like the throw on the sofa...or you could display it at my house!

  5. First of all let me tell you that I totatlly LOVE your rooms <3 you have a great style & love how you put everything together. As for the throw I like it better on Sofa . I enjoy ur blog.

  6. I love it on the sofa. You were in my neck of the woods yesterday...it's a lovely store isn't it?!

  7. The ginger jar really completes the entry table! It's amazing how that just pulls it together.
    I like the blanket on the couch, too but also the chair.
    The picture of the sofa in your home looks like it came straight from the WSHome catalog. You are so talented...great job!

  8. Wow, you have a beautiful home. And I wish I could grow hydrangeas! Seriously, that's awesome!

  9. What a Lovely home! I just found your blog and I love it!