Our Coffee Table

I get many an email about the coffee table in our den. It was purchased at the Wisteria Outlet here in Dallas, so unfortunately, I can't offer up a link to buy the exact one. However, I dearly love all of you Knight Moves readers, so I've been keeping tabs on similar alternatives, which are listed below...

Holbrook - Home Decorators

Mesa Coffee Table - Wildflower

Atacama - Crate and Barrel

Axel - Z Gallerie

Aidan Gray - Layla Grayce

Frame - Crate and Barrel

Durham - Ballard Designs (thanks Nick!)

I was thrilled to discover that Jason Wu (one of my favorite fashion designers) has the same one! So cool!! Thanks to Everything LEB for sharing photos of his office.


  1. Ballard also has a reasonably priced one similar...


  2. Many good options! I love them!

  3. How did I not know there's a Wisteria outlet in Dallas?!

  4. I love those tables! I like the one from Home Decorators.

  5. I haven't been over to the Wisteria Outlet yet...looks like it's worth the trip!

  6. You and Jason have fab taste, love your coffee table!

  7. Do you know the name of this style of table? I called the Wisteria Outlet to ask if they had any in stock, but without a style name, they weren't able to identify which table it was. Thanks!

  8. Theresa - the table didn't have a style name...the price was literally marked with a piece of masking tape at the outlet :) It was almost two years ago now that I bought it, so I'm 99.9% sure that they don't have it anymore. The
    Rectangular Parquet-Top Coffee Table that they carry now is pretty similar though.

  9. Kyle - thanks so much for the info!

  10. Kyle - can you tell me the dimensions of your coffee table? The one on the Wisteria website is 52" square, which seems huge, and I'm wondering whether yours is the same size. Thanks!