Greg Yale Proves that Lighting is Everything

On 1st Dibs, I recently saw a feature about lighting designer Greg Yale and was completely mesmerized by his work. The Greg Yale Illumination portfolio really illustrates how impactful lighting can be. When executed properly, a lighting design completely sets the tone of a space...you'll see that he has a knack for creating a dreamy and dramatic mood in his projects. He and his team employ some very creative solutions...one of my favorites is the outdoor lamp shown in the first pic below.

Here are a few of his interior projects...

Photography by Rich Faron, George Gruel, Juozas Cernias, and Clay Witt

Quite a stunning body of work, isn't it? Someday, I would love to be able to hire a pro like Greg to design the landscape lighting at our house since we have so many gorgeous trees. But alas, that duty will have to stay on my husband's list for the time being.

Have a fantastic weekend!


  1. gorgeous. I would love to have him do my property...

  2. I would say it's on par with Alex, Geddy, and Neil.