Sofa Sources and Selection Strategy

Last week, I received the following question from Alison of the fabulous fashion blog, Luella and JuneI'm looking to find a great, comfortable, investment-purchase couch. What stores in Dallas or online would you recommend for quality and comfort for the long haul?

This is an excellent question and to be honest, my answer is highly contingent upon budget since the range of price points is wide and retailers tend to have a sweet spot within that range. For example, if the budget is around $1,500...I wouldn't recommend Williams-Sonoma Home. They have impeccable sofas, but none under $2,000 - especially once shipping and tax are accounted for.

With that said, no matter what your budget is, quality construction is key. Sofas usually serve as both a focal point and a workhorse in a living area....so, the best sofas are balanced in form and function. Finding the perfect mix is tough and will probably make you feel like Goldilocks during the search process. The huge range of options can be overwhelming so the key is to come up with a list of parameters to help narrow it down. If you are patient and adhere to your list, the right sofa will be found and you won't need another for a long time.

When formulating the list, you must address:
  1. Size - for both your room and the doorways/hallways/staircases it must go through when delivered! If you're unsure about how large the footprint of the sofa should be, get out some masking tape and tape off the ideal area. Be sure to take every measurement in consideration...for instance, when I was choosing our sectional, I wanted the back to be a certain height so that my console table could be used with it. Electronics might be a factor too...i.e. you wouldn't want a super low sofa if your tv is mounted above the fireplace. 
  2. Style - assess the available colors, fabrics, and wood finishes...are they what you want and need? Is the overall look one that you'll still love in five years? In this category, go for a timeless, classic style. You can always use funky pillows and throws to bring in color and personality.
  3. Function - what is the main way that you'll use the sofa...and be honest with yourself here. If you like to sprawl out and watch TV, make sure it's deep enough to do that without falling off. Do your sofa and coffee table serve as a dining area? Make sure the seat height is on par with the coffee table and choose an easy-to-clean fabric. 
Since most retailers carry pieces from various manufacturers, it's tough to make blanket statements on quality. I think it's important to see, touch, and sit on prospective purchases, however, that exercise is not possible in some cases. Don't forget that returning a sofa isn't exactly like sending something back to Zappos! So, if you're ordering a sofa from an online-only retailer, be sure to get lots of photos (pay attention to details like the seams) and be aware of their return policy and any quality guarantees.

For your viewing pleasure, I've included my favorite styles from the following recommended online retailers. I hope you have some snacks nearby because this might take you a while to go through...I love me some sofas and just couldn't stop. So, sorry about the super exhaustive list! I started with high-end, expensive ones and tried to go down in price from there. I know I'm leaving some great sources out, so please be sure to name your favorites in the comment area. Also, please share any experience you've had (good or bad) with ordering a sofa. Any retailers or manufacturers that we should avoid?

Without further ado, here is my sofa source list!

Hickory Chair makes gorgeous, high quality furniture. Most pieces can be customized...a factor that helps makes the higher cost more palatable. In Dallas, you can order Hickory Chair pieces from Rose Tree on Knox.
You can get this armless sectional series made to measure...I am completely infatuated with the Greek key trim!

From Restoration Hardware, I love the Easton and Kensington collections.

The Easton sectional is amazing...though I'm not sure if it warrants the $10k price tag.

Quatrine makes custom slipcovered furniture. It's really expensive but it's probably worth it in the long run!

New Contemporary

Williams-Sonoma Home has beautiful upholstered pieces and their quality is outstanding.
Starting at $3,900 - Hyde Sectional 

Starting at $2,550 - Wilshire Sofa

Although I've never seen any furniture from Layla Grayce, I know they carry premium lines and their customer service was so impressive when I ordered my cloisonne lamp, so I'll happily endorse them!

Jayson Home and Garden has so many fabulous sofas and they are wonderful to work with. I have such a crush on this store.
$2,295 - Rockefeller
$2,195 - Belle

Room and Board has nice-looking stuff, most has a more modern vibe.
$2,199 - Hutton

Reasonably priced selections from Horchow.
$1,629 - Dusk

$1,599 - Snow

$1,829 - Abraso

Stylish and under $2k from High Fashion Home
$1,799 - Dustin

$1,529 - Jacqueline

$1,579 - Chatham

Z Gallerie has luxe looking styles at bargain prices. I've ordered lots of furniture from them and have been thrilled with the quality thus far.
$999 - Pauline

$1,199 - Oscar

Love this casual yet modern number from CB2
$1,199 - Movie Cement Slipcovered

This one from Macy's is so sophisticated and the price is amazing!
$799 - Jacqueline


  1. A-ma-zingly detailed post. Needed it, loved it, will print it! Thank you!

  2. We just bought the Room and Board Hawthorne couch and love it. Comfy, but classic lines. Now, if I could just decide on some pillows!

  3. That is quite the sofa compendium!

  4. in the process of finding a sofa for my parent's house. so helpful, thanks for sharing!

  5. what type of chairs would you pair w/the jordan sectional?

  6. KK - I think it depends on how you style the sofa. I'd use lots of pillows on it to soften the lines and then you could use a wide variety of chairs. If you kept it more bare and plain, you'd have to stick with something more modern.