The Wonderful World of CSN

Anytime I'm searching for items on the net, I inevitably end up at CSN Stores, which was the case in my recent hunt for Le Creuset goods. After receiving the exploding Pyrex email and seeing my cousin-in-law swallow a chip of glass from a Pyrex dish at Thanksgiving, new baking dishes have been on my list of things to buy. I have a Le Creuset Dutch Oven and love it, so I've been stalking these baking dishes which are also made by the venerable French company. I was shocked to find a set of two for less than $25 at CSN! I'm definitely ordering them and probably will get the larger size too. Stay tuned for a review!

After discovering the bakeware, I got sucked into the CSN vortex and proceeded to look at everything from laundry hampers to kitchen faucets. Their product selection completely blew me away. Here are some of the items that I was browsing...

Hamper - for the guest bathroom...I figured it might be nice to provide a place for guests to stash their dirty towels. Plus, it looks like I could put some really cute fabric to work as a replacement hamper bag.

Kitchen faucet - I seriously want one of these bad boys, however, I am ignorant about the factors that make one faucet better than another. There is a huge discrepancy in price and I'd love to hear any tips you have to offer!

File cabinet/chest - this would look excellent in our study. I'm imagining it flanked by two bookcases and topped with a pair of colorful lamps.

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  1. that is GREAT price on the baking dishes. buy them now, and don't look back. :)