Wishing for Windows

If I had spare cash to burn right now, I'd buy windows. Those are on every girl's lust list, right? Along with plant dehydration and crown molding, go ahead and add windows to the list of things that I wish I didn't care about! But alas, I do care. In fact, I'm a little obsessed with windows and would love to have carte blanche when picking them because there are some gorgeous (and expensive) options out there.

It's my dream to have a house full of windows like this...
Photo by John Coolidge, from Veranda

Our house was built in 1948 and a previous owner added on to the structure and remodeled. Annoyingly, they cheaped out on the windows that don't factor into curb appeal. So, the ones in the front of the house are great and don't need to be replaced, but the rest need to be upgraded.

Much to my dismay, two of the bathrooms in our house have windows made from acrylic blocks. I seriously hate these windows....they look bad from the interior and exterior and they smother the natural light. Here's a photo of the one in our master bathroom. 

It's on its best behavior right now and the photo angle glosses over its ugliness.

I'd love to swap the window above for any of these...
Photo by John Coolidge, from Veranda

See, I'm not picky ;) Is there anyone out there obsess over windows like I do?

Also, check out my HomeGoods post today to see more photos of our master bathroom...I added a pair of mirrors in an attempt to brighten it up!


  1. I actually understand this perfectly! I'm dying to take down all our horizontal blinds and replace with just curtains or curttains and bamboo shades. I cringe every time I look at them!

  2. nice big windows is tops on my list too, you are not alone here :)

  3. Gorgeous! Love your blog!

    Luella & June

  4. ugh, yes- i love natural light. i'm so glad that our flat has two giant walls of windows... or so it did in the pictures. hopefully, when we move in to it in a few weeks, it looks bright and sunny like the pictures... and not super dark. blah.

    those bathroom windows are really nice. :) good luck getting them installed.

  5. I love the window in the Veranda photo. The whole look reminds me of the South of France - open, airy but rustic. Oh to dream!