Crushing on Christina Murphy

It's Friday and as a reward for getting through the week, I'm going to share some dazzling photos of spaces designed by Christina Murphy Interiors! Ms. Murphy has impeccable style and was deservingly named one of "America's Top 100 Designers" by House Beautiful. She mixes bold patterns and vivid colors to achieve a fun, yet sophisticated look. I am very much in awe of CM's talent so sorting through her impressive portfolio was a treat. Each room includes multiple obsession-worthy elements...from chevron-patterned marble floors to amazing artwork. Enjoy!

Which room is your favorite? Mine is probably the first one with the blue lacquered walls...but I really love them all.
Have a fantastic weekend!


  1. That blue room is to die for. It reminds me of the blue they used in the first SATC movie on Carrie's walls after her apartment makeover.

  2. Those rooms were amazing!! each & everyone ...

  3. OBSESSED. I love all of these rooms. The blue room is amazing! I especially love the bedroom - very serene but the blue accent give it some pops of color. Great post!

  4. wow!!!! gorgeous, everyone. I do love the blue walls in the first photo, and the litle den with chocolate and strawberry colors!

  5. Oh my Lord those lacquered blue walls are crazy bananas. Made me pee my pants just a little....


  6. beautiful! my favorite is the blue bedroom with the great sheets!

  7. Oh my ga...I want her to get to my house stat!

    The blue room is amazing, but what I really love is the orange-ceilinged entry (LOVE colored ceilings) and the living room/study. Your blog is like porn for us lookie loos.