Crushin' on Cohler

I was pleased as punch to find that Eric Cohler is featured in the latest installment of Style Compass on 1st Dibs. It was fun to read about him and learn about his entrĂ©e into interior design, his book collection (over 10k books!), and his outlook on style. The piece also included shots of Cohler's stunning interiors. Flipping through the pages, I was in heaven and really appreciated how he flawlessly blends the old with the new. As you'll see from the photos below, his design aesthetic is chic, innovative, and sophisticated. I hope you find his work as inspiring as I do!

What an AMAZING room. I'm drooling over the patterned floors and that has to be the coolest pool table ever.

After seeing this photo, I desperately want to have the backs of my dining chairs monogrammed.

I'm loving the way the artwork is suspended over the windows.

This white on white color scheme is gorgeous. The double table effect is unique...perhaps the homeowners are avid card players?

Check out those wild zebra curtains!

The double-hung convex mirrors are a great solution for the tricky space above the mantel.

That is quite a fireplace...

This bedroom is both cozy and modern...a tough mix to get right.

Noteable minutia = the staircase railing

Black walls are so fabulous, aren't they?

The map wallpaper is a nice touch in here.

Gorgeous tile design.


  1. Clearly a details kind of guy, which makes me adore him!

  2. what a great post - I love every image! the monogrammed chairs are great


  3. Such great spaces, what inspiration!!

  4. Those patterned floors are wonderful. Are they tile?

  5. This has you written all over it! Clean. Bold patterns. Contrast. Says 'knight moves' to me! I love those floors!!

  6. WOW!! LOVE patterned FLOORS, but definitely for a big space! :)))))))