HomeGoods Mania

I had a golden shopping day at HomeGoods this past Saturday and totally cleaned the place out (well, not really...but it felt like that). Many of the items purchased were things that I'd seen elsewhere for higher prices and the thrill of the deal definitely kicked in. Fabulous merch at jaw-dropping prices kept appearing, which led to some Supermarket Sweep-esque behavior. I was acting like a nutcase...scrambling around, taking multiple baskets to the front of the store, irrationally thinking that other shoppers were going to "steal" my potential purchases. Despite my insanity, it was a successful jaunt and I wanted to share my big retail win with you. So, without further ado...check out my HG loot and let me know what you think!

I bought a pair of the blue Chinoiserie vases and I'm still playing around with where to put them. I like that the blue on them is more of a navy than a cobalt and also that they cost only $14.99 a piece.

For $60, I also scored this ceramic garden stool.

I've seen lots of pricier versions out there for hundreds more than I paid.

I was thrilled to find this umbrella holder...did you notice the bit of Greek key border? I sure did.

I've always wanted an umbrella stand, wasn't willing to pay the high prices that the antique versions like these fetch.

This glossy little gray box counts as a needless necessity and $14.99 was the right price.

 This more expensive version sells for $75.

I fell in love with these vases as soon as I saw them.

The shape and size is perfect and I instantly had the urge to turn them into lamps. I don't need a pair of lamps at the moment, so I snatched them up for my cousin-in-law, who is a fellow blue lover. They were $30 a piece!

Finally, to top off my Chinoiserie overload...this garden stool also came home with me. I might use it in one of the guest bathrooms.

Any favorites? Do you think I went too crazy and should return some things?

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  1. great buys!! oh Im amazed, I so wished there was something similar in the UK!!

  2. No it is all lovely and at great prices, I just am jealous you have a homegoods near you, we unfortunately do not. I am bummed every time I see the great deals people are finding at them!

  3. OMG-last weekend I followed some lady around that store for 20 min. waiting for her to put this great x-stool back. Seriously-who stalks people at Homegoods? Love your finds.

    p.s. She bought the stool.:(

  4. Wow! You did go crazy. All good buys though. Keep everything.

  5. I got the same blue/white item, but in the octagonal tray. Score!

  6. That must have been the best shopping spree EVER...every single purchase is a must keep...especially for the prices you got them for...fantastic buys lovely..I would be really happy with myself if I came home with such gorgeous items x

  7. Great Homegood loot! I would keep it all for sure. The garden stool for your patio is the bomb!

  8. Kyle,
    I ADORE your blog. Had to finally send in a comment b/c I was so excited about your "bounty"! Sometimes I'll find great stuff at HG and other times not....
    but I've been on the hunt for a teal garden seat and yours is perfect. I'm going to ck out the closest HG and see if we have one too!
    Also, I would love to share your wonderful blue finds in an upcoming post I'm writing. Let me know if it's ok for me to use your images, w/a tag back to you.
    Have a great day....

  9. OMG, my post today is a Field Trip to Home Goods?!? I found a sunburst mirror recently and felt like such a psycho racing to get a cart before someone could snag it!!

    You got some great things!

    xoxo, cassie

  10. Graet finds, I adore garden stools!! I have some chinese vases like yours!

    Have you entered my Latest Giveaway from the French Basketeer? I think you will love it!

    Art by Karena

  11. Kyle- it is so funny you talk about thinking others were going to 'steal' your finds. i get that same feeling!! i recently wrote one of my college papers about my shopping experiences at HG, haha! i'm obsessed :)

  12. Great Finds! I do the same exact thing when I am in HG. Especially the lamp section.....I think that people see me looking at things and then love them too so I need to grab them right away...hahah too funny. Glad I'm not the only one!

  13. I just discovered a HomeGoods 10 miles away. I'm itching to go and you just provided tons of inspiration.


  14. You have such great taste! and I love all of the pieces, they are timeless and amazing, do not return a single thing!!

    Excuse me while I run off to my HomeSense for some goodies ;)

  15. Great finds!! Looks like you, me and Cassie are on the same wavelength today:)


  16. I'm glad I'm not the only one who does the "paranoid someone is gonna snag my homegoods stuff out from under me" Awesome!!!

  17. * Girlfriend, the ONLY thing "CRAZY" would be to return ANYTHING!!! WOW!!! You really DID SCORE~~~ and so BEAUTIFULLY!!!

    "OUR" Home Goods is about 50 minutes away, so I've only been there a few times in the 5 years we've been here, but EVERYTIME I've gone, except once, I've had a ball & found LOTSA GOODIES!!!

    (Think "it's time" to skip lunch out tomorrow w/ my BFF, and we can go THERE instead... who needs food ANYWAY~ all it does is make one fat anyway!!! Grins...

    THANKS~ fun pics, fun read!
    Linda in AZ *

  18. You did a great job! Nice little decorative touches. Such a great eye!

  19. these are great finds! i'm on the lookout for some blue and white vases...maybe i need to hit up HG

  20. Why oh why isn't there a Home Goods in Marrakech? *love* the black hurricanes!

  21. You did very good! I love your blog!


  22. I am loving your purchases. Did you get while in Boston? If so, i'm running to that store!

  23. I can walk to my HG, but I drive so I don't have to carry it all home :) You scored!