Josef Frank Fabric Look-A-Likes Found!

Thanks to all of you who commented and shared sources for substitutes for pricey Josef Frank fabric! Shown below are my two favorite options. I was so excited about them and couldn't help but look for a coordinating fabric for each. Pairing the whimsical floral with a more structured, orderly stripe seems like the right move. I like the idea of using the striped fabric for cording on the pillows that my friend is wanting and/or for a bolster pillow or two.

Covington Wilmington Multi - Calico Corners and OnlineFabricStore.net

Promenade stripe - Lewis and Sheron Textile Co.

Wonderland Pearl - HouseFabric.com

This coordinating stripe could make for a great bolster pillow with the above...
Anacapri - Lewis and Sheron Textile Co.

And finally...although it has little to do with the Josef Frank substitute issue, I was happy to run across this cute fabric from Textile Arts after a lovely reader recommended the site. I suppose it embodies a similar sense of whimsy as JF's designs...it's just a bit more restrained.

P.S. I'm in Colorado with my family, so please excuse the lack of blogging this week. It's pretty hard to sit at a computer with this kind of scenery surrounding you!


  1. oh yes, they look fabulous! thanks for letting us know!!

  2. I am loving these look alikes! Thanks for posting and I hope you enjoy CO!

  3. You chose a good week to be gone...it's pouring buckets here!

    have fun!

  4. dont you dare go near a computer when you have that view to look at this week :) We'll all be here when you get back! Enjoy!!