Still in CO

Yesterday we went for a short hike off of Independence Pass and I got some cool shots and thought I'd share since it's so pretty here...

The dogs and I at the trailhead...

Waller Lake

Baby Aspen tree

The river

Aspen grove

Low clouds

Bendy trees

I think this is part of Kevin Costner's property...I wasn't trying to be the paparazzi, just thought it was gorgeous and photo-worthy!


  1. Oh My! That last photo is so beautiful!

  2. * THANK YOU for sharing such INCREDIBLE, NATURAL BEAUTY!!! We just ret'd from a short anniversary trip to Park City, UT and I still, of course, have the joyous memories of THOSE mountains n' trees n' such in my head... and FOREVER in my heart!!!

    Simply beautiful photos, my friend!!!! Many thanks!!!

    Linda in AZ *

  3. Stunning! I just found your blog and have been reading back to the beginning. I'm loving your style. So happy to have found a new favorite blog. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Looks like fun! Say hi to your husband and the doggies for me :)

  5. It looks absolutely beautiful there. Hope you enjoyed your trip!