Dhurrie Days

I am madly in love with Calypso Home's rugs right now. Some are by John Robshaw Textiles and some are made for Calypso Home...all are fabulous with bold patterns and fresh color palettes. I was happy to find that the prices are quite reasonable too. I'm partial to the texture/low pile of dhurries and jaipuri rugs, so these are right up my alley in both form and function.

Not surprisingly, I'm infatuated with the navy blue Zig Zag Jaipuri in the photo above. 

These beauties also caught my eye...all can be found via the Calypo Home site. I'm loving both of the hot pink styles! The ivory Hampton Lattice is also a favorite. Geeze...it would be tough to order just one!


  1. Wow, the colors and patterns are gorgeous! Great find.

  2. Every time I go on that website I can't decide which one I want either....a problem when you can't have them all! Great rugs and gorgeous colors.

  3. Calypso Home ANYTHING is fab in my mind!

  4. * I am SOOOOOOO glad (n' GRATEFUL!) that you posted this terriffic info...

    * Am in the process of "redoing" a "bit" of the kitchen, which is open to an informal dining room and TV room/areas... Have been TRYING to find some area rugs that "SPEAK" to me & ALMOST "settled", just yesterday, for some Dash & Albert rugs, which were "nice" & "AMOST" there, but not EXACTLY what I think the spaces need... YOU saved the day, Kyle....(NOW AKA: "Wonder Woman"!)......

    Linda in AZ *

  5. I've been admiring their carpets for sometime. She's done a brilliant job with Calypso. I remember when it was just a tiny shop in ST Barths.