Trees on the Wall

Etsy is a time vampire. Much like 1stDibs, I could cruise around Etsy for days and discover all kinds of items to add to my never-ending wish list. Last night I was checking out their latest crop of oil paintings and ran across these bad boys at the focuslineart shop.

The artist behind these unusual paintings is Tracy Melton. I think they are a refreshing departure from the traditional framed canvas. According to the description, the wood is harvested from dead white and red elm trees, then the slices are prepared, painted, and hollowed out from behind for wall mounting. The color palettes are really fabulous...I could definitely create a whole room around these!

Here are some shots of rooms in which groupings of the paintings are used...

I think they provide a unique way to add color to the walls. Plus, they are pretty affordable.

A few places I'd try hanging a set: 
perhaps above a door frame...
in a nursery or kids room...
or in a bathroom (I don't think moisture would be a problem since they are clear-coated).

How are you feeling about this sort of artwork? Too funky or kind of fun?


  1. Very cool idea. By the way, I have been searching for a table similar to the one in the post. Have you seen anything (affordable) like it?

  2. I absolutely love them! I need to find a wall for them.

  3. haha i am going with kinda funky fun :)

  4. Barb - check out West Elm for the table...I feel like some of their dining tables are similar.

  5. Love them! Don't hate if you see these when you come over next.

  6. seriously how creative, love it!

  7. Interesting.... :) I think too many would make me dizzy though hehe Would love to know how they are made.... :))))))))


  8. Jen - you're probably right! I was wondering how they are made too...especially wanting to know what tools/brushes he uses. The circles seem pretty darned symmetrical for free-hand painting!

  9. Ha! A "time vampire" -- that's a good one! Isn't everything these days?
    Cute trunks.


  10. OMG...I love this!!!! ~ xx KC

  11. These are very cool. Great find!!