Macassar Ebony

Ever since I laid eyes on this gorgeous table at William-Christopher Design here in Dallas, I've been obsessed with Macassar Ebony. To me, it's such a fabulous material for case goods because you can get the glam look without being too feminine.

Close-up...it has an exotic quality to it, yet it's still very sophisticated.

After getting the name of the wood, I went home and trolled the interwebs for Macassar Ebony and quickly found myself at 1st Dibs (it's obviously not a material that many current furniture manufacturers are using). Pretty much every piece was labeled as French Art Deco...and unfortunately, none were really in my price range! Nevertheless, they are still beautiful and interesting pieces...here are my favorites:

I'd love for our dining room buffet to look like this one. Maybe the Furniture Fairy will bring it to me one of these days :)

Finally, here is one of the few new pieces that I found...it would be really pretty in an entry or foyer.
John-Richard Collection Trenton Console - Horchow

What do you think of Macassar Ebony?


  1. So beautiful! That showroom looks gorgeous!

  2. Wow,no kidding, it is uh-ma-zing (as is that bamboo lamp in the display *sigh*) Thanks for introducing me to it!

  3. I love this....and I agree that it is the perfect mix of masculinity and glam. It is just so luxurious looking!

  4. I learned something new today. I've seen Zebra wood before, but Macassar Ebony is a new one, and it's gorgeous!! The dark & light grain of the wood gives every piece individual character, and you're right, Kyle, it's very sophisticated.

  5. Ethan Allen actually has pieces that look very similar to this! It is part of their "modern glamour" collection. check it out :)