Color Reform

Yesterday I touched on my pilgrimage to ABC Home in New York. Well let me tell you, I had quite a moment immediately upon entering the store when I stumbled upon a sampling of Color Reform rugs.

The display stopped me dead in my tracks and I'm pretty sure that I gasped audibly. I was instantly delighted by the super-saturated jewel tones and quickly came to appreciate the perfect balance of edginess and sophistication. I am a huge fan of Persian rugs, however, finding one with an exciting color palette can be tough since most are created in a predictable set of hues. Predictable is the last adjective you'd use to describe the Color Reform line. In each unique carpet, a jolt of shocking color is juxtaposed against traditional patterns and the result is gorgeous...in a gritty-pretty sort of way.

According to the their site, the Color Reform project started with the goal of reinvigorating imperfect old carpets. Now Color Reform produces a line of rugs...each still considered one-of-a-kind due to the nature of the dyeing process.

This one and the one in the first photo are my favorites. Either would be stunning in my entry...unfortunately the price will prevent that from happening!

Owning a hot pink rug might have to go on my bucket list!

After seeing them in person, I'm a huge fan. The colors are just amazing.
What are your thoughts on these wild floor coverings?

P.S. - Surely by now you're wondering if I will EVER stop talking about rugs. I feel like the teacher from Peanuts...instead of waaa waaa waa waaa, I'm saying rugs rugs rugs rugs. I promise, there will be a moratorium on rug talk for a while!


  1. I love the purple and yellow rugs. Don't stop talking about rugs. Rugs are a staple piece in a home. I blog about my rug finds also to show ppl different options and brands.

    Great post!

  2. wow, those are fabulous! hi kyle! :)

  3. No! Keep talking about rugs. Please! It's nice to have you do the where to shop legwork. ;)

    I like the rugs in this post. But I really like color.

  4. I love your blog. I love your blog. I love your blog.

    I love your blog.

    Happy Friday!

  5. I just got depressed that something this beautiful will likely never be mine. Why must things be so expensive? But thanks for sharing the beauty of them!!

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