Sustainable Source: Canvas

I was happy to stumble upon Canvas, an eco-chic retailer that carries unique ceramics, accessories, textiles, and furniture. The cool, dreamy colors used throughout their website instantly drew me in and before I knew it, I had canvased the whole site (pardon the pun). All of their goods are created by artisans and craftsmen and are curated with the intention of creating a "collection that represents simple, sustainable style."

Sometimes green decor can be a little too raw and earthy for my taste, but Canvas does a good job of keeping the overall style relatively polished. I suppose since their store is located in New York, the aesthetic can't get too granola. While cruising, I ran across a few things that are quite noteworthy...I particularly liked items from their furniture and upholstery sections:

I L-O-V-E this chair...I even dig the blue velvet!

These are simple yet sophisticated...also priced pretty well.

I love the idea of a long, narrow coffee table between two sofas...this one would be perfect for that.

I really like the chandelier, but unfortunately that wasn't on their website!


  1. The blue chair is fab...I can see two of them right now in my living room.

  2. This is a lot of the same stuff from the store Ochre. That chair is one of my all times favorites!


  3. oh wow, that tufted chair is glorious! x

  4. Kyle, you're making me a little nervous. Did you write that? Craftsman emphasizes hand made over mass production as also artisan reflects function but stresses uniqueness and beauty. (I loved artisan jewelry when I was younger) There hardly seems need of a curator here.