The Talented Ms. Bekman (and Ms. Snow)

Sorry for the delayed post today...this week has been full of work and I've been sick, so my progress is slooow and blogging got moved to the backburner. Hopefully the fog in my head will lift and I'll get to feeling as vibrant as the painting below sometime soon.

The piece is part of the Multiple Plot Points show on view at the Jen Bekman Gallery. Jen Bekman is the woman behind 20x200, a site dedicated to making art accessible with prices for prints starting at just $20.  The above is an acrylic painting available for purchase at the gallery and the below are prints available for purchase at 20x200.

Louis the Third by Jessica Snow

Cascade by Jessica Snow

Besides the price, the nice thing about ordering a print is that you can choose the size, options range from 8x10" to 30x40." If framed correctly, they can display as beautifully as an original...the orange piece shown in Eddie Ross' design below is a great example.

Even if you aren't in love with the artwork shown on this post, be sure to check out the gallery and 20x200. They both offer a broad range of styles and on 20x200, the selection changes every week. The site is very well designed and which makes it easy and fun to stroll through. Play around with the different categories and the color browser. It sorts the pieces by hue which is super helpful if you're hunting for a artwork that must work within a particular color scheme.

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