Matchbox Source

Sorry to withhold the information on the Greek key matchbox I showed yesterday! After a some comments and emails, I figured I'd better disseminate the link...especially since it's gifting season. I actually purchased mine at a local Dallas store, William-Christopher Design, but they are available online at Shandells. These make for a great hostess gift since they are pretty and useful. I love having mine by the fireplace so I don't have to fumble around the junk drawer for matchbooks when we want to light a fire.

They have lots of different design options including these favorites of mine...

I also thought these marbleized chandelier shades could be a fun accent. I'm all about the orange ones. I wished they had provided a photo of them in action.

Anyone going to buy matchboxes? Which design are you getting? I'd also love to know if you order the chandelier shades.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


  1. Hello Kyle,

    What a wonderful surprise to see this post. Love the orange greek key, I have a hard time picking my favorites. So fab that you mentioned where you got them William-Christopher Design, I understand that it is an amazing place.


  2. i popped over and bought some match boxes. 2 for me and one for my sister. love them! pam

  3. Glad to hear it Pam! They really do make great presents...I need to keep a few extra around to give as hostess gifts.